USA not considering 'Libyan model' in North Korea negotiations

USA not considering 'Libyan model' in North Korea negotiations

Pyongyang on Tuesday threatened to cancel the summit set for June 12 in Singapore, blaming U.S. demands for "unilateral nuclear abandonment". In August, Bolton defended the idea of a preventive military strike against the North, and last month suggested negotiations in 2004 that led to the shipping of nuclear components to the USA from Libya under Moammar Gadhafi would be a good model for North Korea as well.

Trying to address the North Korean concerns, Trump said if Kim were to agree to denuclearize, "he'll get protections that would be very strong".

"The model, if you look at that model with Gadhafi, that was a total decimation", Trump said.

He said: "North Korea is actually talking to us about times and everything else as though nothing happened".

The governors' letter came amid reports from South Korea's Yonhap News Agency that North Korea was canceling a high-level meeting planned between the two countries due to the ongoing military exercises between the USA and South Korea.

North Korea's latest statements have echoed the Kim regime's verbal attacks before a recent thaw in ties with South Korea and the U.S. -South Korean military drills were practicing strikes on strategic targets in North Korea, and accused the South of allowing "human scum to hurt the dignity" of the North's supreme leadership. "Meaning the President of China, President Xi, could be influencing", Trump said.

"If the conditions are right, the president has said that he's ready to go", White House counselor Kellyanne Conway told reporters at the White House on Thursday.

Mr Trump distanced himself from comments on Wednesday by his national security adviser John Bolton, which North Korea had angrily denounced and prompted it to cast doubt on the summit planned for 12 June in Singapore.

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National Security Adviser John Bolton drew the ire of the North Korean government for saying that the country's nuclear disarmament should follow the "Libya model" embraced by Moammar Gadhafi, who after giving up his atomic weapons was later overthrown and killed in a USA -backed uprising.

First Vice Foreign Minister Kim Kye Gwan rebuked Bolton for advocating "the Libya model of 2003-2004" that precludes any concessions such as sanctions relief before full denuclearization.

In a sign of the improved relationship, a North Korean delegation is visiting Beijing to learn about China's experience in economic reform and opening up.

Some analysts and USA officials believe it may have been testing Trump's willingness to soften the United States demand for complete denuclearisation. "We'll have to see", Trump said. "The best thing he could do is make a deal". Trump added. "There was no deal to keep Gadhafi". We have not been told anything.

But some nuclear security experts said Trump undermined his goal of reassuring Kim by appearing to confuse Bolton's meaning about Libya and, in doing so, issuing a veiled threat to Pyongyang.

Trump said planning discussions continue between US and North Korean officials, who are behaving "like nothing happened", despite statements from Pyongyang casting doubt on the summit.

"Well, the Libyan model isn't a model that we have (in mind) at all when we're thinking of North Korea". "If it doesn't, we'll go on to the next step". North Korea could also be trying to capitalize on an apparent gap in messaging between Bolton and USA secretary of state Mike Pompeo. The U.S. was invited into Libya to pick them up and cart them off, whereupon sanctions were lifted.