We'll take no lessons from country that occupies Cyprus, Netanyahu tells Erdogan

We'll take no lessons from country that occupies Cyprus, Netanyahu tells Erdogan

They were also protesting the relocation of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, which took place the same day.

Ankara has reacted with fury to the killings, which came on the same day as the USA formally moved its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv.

Israel expelled the Turkish consul-general in Jerusalem, and Erdogan exchanged heated words on Twitter with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Erdogan tweeted back that Netanyahu was the leader of "an apartheid state that has occupied a defenseless people's lands for 60+ years in violation of United Nations resolutions", adding that he was criticising Turkey to deflect attention.

Mr Erdogan said "history would judge" both Israel and the USA for the deaths of at least 58 people in protests prompted by the opening of America's embassy in Jerusalem.

Turkey's Prime Minister Binali Yildirim addresses members of parliament from his ruling AK Party (AKP) as he arrives for a meeting at the Turkish parliament on April 18, 2017, in Ankara.

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"By standing with the occupier [i.e., Israel], the no longer on the right side of history; it has lost its credibility and violated worldwide law", he said.

In an earlier interview with the BBC, Erdogan said Brexit presented "huge opportunities" for their commercial ties.

Erdoğan then responded again, saying that Netanyahu leads an "apartheid state".

Turkey's central bank said on Wednesday it would take action against the tumbling of the lira, after it weakened beyond 4.5 against the dollar for the first time, hit by concern about President Tayyip Erdogan's influence over monetary policy.

Furthermore, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) will hold an emergency meeting in Istanbul regarding Palestine on May 18.

Erdogan regards himself as a champion of the Palestinian cause and previous year hosted an OIC summit in Istanbul to denounce US President Donald Trump's decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital.