Yanny or Laurel? 4-second audio clip divides the internet

Yanny or Laurel? 4-second audio clip divides the internet

And just like the dress, which viewers either saw as gold and white or blue and black, this debate has pulled in people all over the internet, including celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres and Chrissy Teigen.

Many people insist that the computer-generated voice is saying the word "laurel", while others say they hear "yanny".

But age isn't the only factor in which frequencies you might be hearing.

The four-second clip is simply a robotic voice repeating one name several times.

Feldman says she did not create the tweet that launched a million debates and is now looking for its original source.

"It's so clearly laurel". But none of them was Yanny, so we rule that one one.

So, are you team Yanny or team Laurel?

Blogger cloe posted the video
TWITTER STUNNED Blogger Cloe posted the video on her Twitter

The "Laurels" also have strong opinions.

Introducing: the Yanny-Laurel debate that's fractured the internet. People who hear laurel are hearing a syllabic l in the second syllable, which has some similarities to the vowel sound at the end of yanny. Buzzfeed did some digging and was able to find out from the original poster that the clip is saying the word Laurel, not Yanny.

As if we needed another thing to divide America.

The clip quickly sent people into a tailspin as they struggled to figure out why they heard one thing while their friends and colleagues heard another. Twitter user @MOLT_YT tweeted.

One explanation is that each person's hearing is a little different.

Youtuber Daniel Howell said that he heard both words. He adds that hearing is passive whereas listening is when people try to interpret what they have heard. But this is what we can tell you at this time, drawing some inferences from equivalent visual illusions, like The famous Dress that took the world by storm in February of 2015. "It's not a very high quality, and that in itself allows there to be some ambiguity already". People who can hear at higher frequencies were more likely to hear "Yanny", while those who hear lower frequencies heard "Laurel".

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