Company pulls video game that lets players shoot up school

Company pulls video game that lets players shoot up school

However, another statement was also posted on Steam's website from the publisher Acid, which said that "after receiving such high amount of [criticism] and hate, I will more likely remove the shooters role in this game". One who was previously banned from Steam under a different company name and known for releasing a succession of quick asset-flips on the platform.

Shapshak says the video game allows users to either be a terrorist of a law enforcement officer in an active shooting environment at a school. But it received a lot of flak from parents of students killed during a mass shooting that happened at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

Valve Corporation pulled "Active Shooter" from the Steam Entertainment platform hours after a petition demanding it be removed topped almost 200,000 signatures.

Valve Corporation is a video game development company.

"Your objective would be either to neutralize the target (active shooter) or be the target himself". "We can't expect those people to be the only ones who stand up against things like this". "How can anyone sleep at night knowing that they are profiting from turning deadly school shootings into entertainment?"

A violent video game is sparking outrage, it lets children play the role of a gunman on a murder spree at school. Both games are no longer available on Steam, the online store and gaming platform.

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"First of all, this game does not promote any sort of violence, especially any sort of a mass shooting", said publisher Acid in response to the criticism against Active Shooter.

In a statement, Valve accused the video game maker of being a troll who has been kicked off the Steam site before. Many peopled argued in favor of the developer, pointing out that other games such as Grand Theft Auto V and various World War II titles all put players in position of killing others, sometimes in cold blood as well.

Elsewhere, an online petition urging Valve not to release the "horrific" game attracted almost 200,000 signatures.

Professional video gamer "Siefe" explained the video game's premise and how he couldn't believe the game was on Steam in the first place.

Gilliam says parents should be tired of their children playing any active shooter games, even if the research doesn't directly tie them to violence.

Fred Guttenberg, who lost his 14-year-old daughter, called the game the worst ever.