Syrian leader praises Russian Federation, pans US and Trump in rare interview

Syrian leader praises Russian Federation, pans US and Trump in rare interview

In an interview with RT, Syrian President Bashar Assad said it is vital for Syria to expel USA troops from its territory.

"This is the first option".

In the interview with RT, the Russian state's worldwide broadcaster, Assad raised the prospect of conflict with U.S. forces if they do not leave Syria.

"It's our land, it's our right and it's our duty to liberate it", Assad said. "If they stay, they're going to be killed unless they surrender" he said.

Assad said that the Douma incident came after the victory of the Syrian troops in Eastern Ghouta, where locals and even Western journalists saying they had not seen any chemical attack.

Assad further urged the USA to "to learn the lesson" from Iraq, saying, "People will not accept foreigners in this region anymore". Iraq is no exception, and Syria is no exception.

Behind Assad's evasions and bluster lies the unlovely truth that Russian and Iranian intervention appears to have secured his position in Damascus after years of bloody civil war.

Joint airstrikes on chemical weapons facilities were carried out by the US, UK and France following the alleged poison gas attack.

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The Russian and Israeli defense ministers met in Moscow on Thursday, while Russia is providing indirect support for Israel in efforts to remove Iranian troops from southern Syria, near the Israeli border.

Russian ally Assad initially embraced President Donald Trump's election, but USA allegations that the Syrian leader was behind toxic gas attacks and subsequent US airstrikes have split the two. He added that "it is important to continue the dialogue between us and keep an open line between the IDF and the Russian military on all pertaining issues".

"We don't have Iranian troops", Assad said.

"We don't have any other options", Assad insisted.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said his government won't accept Iranian presence anywhere in Syria. Assad told the interviewer he had no nickname for Trump because "This is not my language, so, I can not use similar language".

He added: "I think there is a very known principle, that what you say is what you are". Israel also accused Iran of firing a salvo of rockets at Israel from the area earlier in the month. "So we are supporting any global mechanism that could limit the influence of Iran in the region in general, and in our country in particular", he added.

Meanwhile, the United States has backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), whose territory has been significantly diminished in recent months with the help of Russian forces.

Israel's Channel 1 television said the conversation touched on a possible arrangement for there to be no Iranian presence in southern Syria closer than 70-80 km (40-50 miles) from the Syria-Israel frontier. Syria's air defences were much stronger than before, thanks to Russian Federation, he added.