C.J. McCollum, Kevin Durant trade daggers in Twitter spat

C.J. McCollum, Kevin Durant trade daggers in Twitter spat

30 minutes later, Durant responded by summarizing what he did to the Oklahoma City Thunder two offseasons ago and included some colorful language to diss CJ.

Durant who was a guest in the Pull Up podcast of McCollum believes that the Trail Blazers aren't a serious threat in the Western Conference.

During CJ's explanation of why he didn't like Cousins' decision, Durant interrupted and said, "You know, you know you guys aren't going to win a championship". I feel like a lot of teams felt like they could switch their smalls onto our bigs, but you can't do that with DeMarcus. But I see what you doing. "I think it's gonna make his book even more interesting when it's done".

Durant: "But how'd you play?" I know y'all don't like me, but get out the way and let this [expletive] roll. "But I'm going to still keep standing".

McCollum did point out that the Trail Blazers exceeded all expectations last season when they earned the No. 3 seed, but Durant still wasn't impressed. Like an 8 seed (laughing) you know I'm only saying this because you be shooting little shots at the Warriors and at me all the time, so this is my time to throw a little jab at you.

"If I got something to say, if I am getting mad because I say something and then you catch feelings, I call you out on it and [then] I am [portrayed as] the sensitive one", Durant said. I know every time I say something, people are going to get upset at me. Durant is gladly playing along but not at his own expense.

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And to officially end the conflict, Durant said this: "This is not East coast, West coast beef".

McCollum: "We can have both of them". Or, if you're Kevin Durant, you can continue to trash talk players on inferior teams.

"So, I would get into a gang fight, lose, plot on my brother for two months in our home and then go get the gang we lost to and beat him up?" During those times, the Lakers had the capability to create enough salary cap space to give James and Durant maximum contracts.

"So, I know you think I'm sensitive but I'm just somebody actually exhausted of holding s-- in", Durant later told a smaller group of reporters.

OK, so Durant is upset?

Reporter: No, I guess he was upset first.