Great-grandmother and kids killed in California wildfires

Great-grandmother and kids killed in California wildfires

"Right now, it's going everywhere". "There's a lot of low-level smoke, which means missions are having to be aborted", said Cox, the Cal Fire spokesman. "Any event could bring this back up again".

The Carr Fire raging in Northern California is so large and hot that it is creating its own localized weather system with variable strong winds, making it hard for experts to predict which way the blaze will spread.

Anna Noland, 49, was evacuated twice in three days before learning through video footage that her house had burned.

Redding Police Chief Roger Moore kept up an around-the-clock work schedule despite learning that his home was one of those destroyed. "Some people may think that's selfish of me, and I have insurance". "It's just unbelievable knowing you don't have a house to go back to".

The Carr Fire, outside Redding, California, ignited a week ago and doubled in size over the weekend, charring an area the size of Detroit, forcing 38,000 people to flee their homes and claiming lives of two firefighters and another person, as well as a woman and her two young great-grandchildren.

"In the areas both before the Bledsoe home and after the Bledsoe home, there was evidence that notifications were made for the door-to-door notifications", Bosenko said.

The Carr wildfire has now spread to 95,368 acres, an area larger than the city of San Francisco with the fire now 17% contained by firefighters. Thankfully, Google Maps has released its 2018 California fire map that lists updates on the various blazes, as well as a Google Crisis Map with information about air quality, evacuation orders, shelters, fire containment statistics, road closures, and more.

Officials battling the blaze told the news conference in Redding they were feeling more optimistic on Sunday afternoon and starting to gain ground on the Carr Fire. The flames destroyed 517 structures and damaged 135. A count by The Associated Press found at least 300 of those structures were homes.

Authorities were also investigating at least 18 missing-persons reports, though many of them may simply be people who have not checked in with friends or family, police said.

Jeremy Stoke, a fire inspector with the Redding Fire Department, died Thursday, the Redding firefighters union said.

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Two children and their 70-year-old great-grandmother died in the wildfire that swept with devastating speed into the city of Redding, about 260 kilometers north of Sacramento, capital of California.

Neither Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko or a representative for the office responded to requests for comment Monday, but Bosenko told CBS News that officials are working to find out whether the Bledsoes were given a warning about the fire.

Cal Fire officials said more than 10,000 firefighters were on the line, making progress on 14 large wildfires across California. The flames were just 5 percent contained, though Gouvea said he expected that number to climb.

"We are seeing an unprecedented beginning to what is traditionally a fire season in California, and what we now kind of refer to as the "new normal" year-round". California Governor Jerry Brown has declared a state of emergency in the county, as well as in the counties of Lake, Napa and Mendocino.

The Carr fire - the largest wildfire now burning - has consumed more than 95,000 acres, destroyed 874 structures - including 657 residential structures - and damaged 175 others.

The Carr Fire has burned 360 square kilometers (139 square miles) of vegetation in Northern California since it began last Monday.

High temperatures, low humidity and increased winds are all in the forecast, setting the stage for more explosive fire behavior, Chris Harvey with the Cal Fire Incident Management Team said Sunday.

Hughes says he and about five of his neighbors chose to protect their homes against fire and looters, despite an evacuation text alert they got Sunday evening. The blaze had blackened 150 acres, but was 50 percent contained on Sunday. Those blazes had burned almost 100 square miles (260 square kilometers).

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