Sony accidentally uploads 'Khali the Killer' movie on YouTube

Sony accidentally uploads 'Khali the Killer' movie on YouTube

Originally spotted by CBR, the movie was uploaded to Youtube and stayed there for about eight hours before Sony finally caught on and took it down.

One user wrote, "Another trailer that spoils the whole film", while another said, "Trailer gave the whole plot away".

In an attempt to upload a trailer for its upcoming DVD and digital download release of the movie "Khali the Killer", someone at Sony apparently uploaded the entire 89-minute film to YouTube Tuesday morning.

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According to the Independent, some people believe that the upload was intended as a marketing ploy and the MailOnline reported that the grisly flick is thought to be opening in a few USA theatres in August.

Still, Sony is attempting to promote the digital sales of the film, and getting a free peek at the entire movie kills that objective. It's already been released on DVD and Blue-ray in the Netherlands. The movie was live for eight hours before it was taken down from YouTube. Everything falls apart for him as he develops empathy for his targets and is forced to make the toughest decision of his life.

The movie is written and directed by Jon Matthews. He's desperate to get out of the-killing-people-for-money business, but not until he completes one final hit job for the cartel so he can pay for his grandma's health troubles.