Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull abandons greenhouse gas target to prevent conservative revolt

Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull abandons greenhouse gas target to prevent conservative revolt

Turnbull won the vote 48 to 35.

According to The Australian, multiple MPs called Mr Peter Dutton over the weekend to promise their support, should he choose to challenge Mr Turnbull. I made a decision to contest this ballot to keep Bill Shorten from ever being prime minister of this country.

"There are members of Parliament. who want power prices down, who want to end Labor's emissions obsession, who are not worshipping at the altar of the climate change gods, and who are prepared to stand up for traditional Liberal conservative values", Abbott said earlier in August on Sky News Australia.

It is understood at least four other ministers could join him on the backbench, having supported him in the ballot against Malcolm Turnbull. I think he probably still is.

'If we are fighting amongst ourselves, guess what, when the voters go to the election, they'll mark us down as they should, ' Mr Laundy said.

The Nationals were furious when they found out about the NEG changes from news sources and Mr Turnbull in a room full of lobbyists.

Labor leader Bill Shorten claimed the PM was "a Prime Minister in name only", adding: "If almost half of his own government do not want him to be the Prime Minister of Australia, why should the rest of Australia have to put up with him?"

Asked whether he anticipated another challenge, Mr Turnbull said: "No".

"It is good to be in front of the cameras where I can smile and maybe show a different side to what I show when I talk about border protection", he said, unveiling a sunny Dutton persona.

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Speaking to the media a short while later, Dutton said he challenged the PM because he believed he had the best shot at winning the next election, and declined several opportunities to rule out another challenge in the near future.

For one thing, Labor leader Bill Shorten's central involvement in deposing two prime ministers when his party was last in office has left a bad taste with voters.

Some believe he could make another challenge within a week, while others say he may wait until the next sitting week, the second week of September, after Mr Turnbull's expected slide in upcoming polls. "He's given me his absolute support", the Prime Minister said.

"Over that period of time I have been assistant treasurer to Peter Costello and John Howard, with whom I work quite closely and to this day I consider a mentor". "My job from here ... is to make sure I can prosecute the sort of messages I just spoke about".

Speaking outside of Parliament House in Canberra, following the vote, Turnbull urged his colleagues to show "unity". He may yet have to do a deal with Abbott, who is known to be mistrusted by both the liberal and conservative wings of the party, but still commands considerable support among the backbenchers. He refused, however, to rule out another challenge.

"The ability of this government to produce meaningful policy positions has been greatly compromised because the authority of the prime minister has been severely weakened", Martin Drum, a senior political lecturer at Notre Dame University, told Bloomberg News.

Meanwhile, a report late yesterday afternoon cast some doubt over Mr Dutton's right to sit in parliament.

In Australia, whichever party wins the most votes at a national election is tasked with forming a government, with the party's leader assuming the role of prime minister.