Australian politician calls for 'Muslim ban', and 'final solution

Australian politician calls for 'Muslim ban', and 'final solution

There is no doubt in my mind that many migrants and especially Muslim-Australians woke up this morning deeply anxious, worried about the license Anning's speech gives to racist opportunists.

Senator Fraser Anning of the right-wing Katter's Australian Party (KAP) found himself in hot water over his inflammatory anti-Muslim maiden speech he delivered in the parliament.

Labor senator Anthony Chisholm said it was surprising she pushed ahead with her plebiscite legislation given her comments. "Whatever they decide, I'll take their decision - but I think you'll find the people I know overwhelmingly would not have wanted some of the people who have come in here".

"Some in the media and leftwing politicians are simply afraid of the Australian people having a say on who comes here".

An Essential poll in April reported that 64 per cent of respondents believe immigration over the past 10 years is too high.

Senator Derryn Hinch said he went home and washed his hands after shaking Anning's hand after the "vomitous poison" of his speech on Tuesday night, calling the speech "Pauline Hanson on steroids".

Anning is a former member of One Nation and won his seat in Parliament after the removal of One Nation Sen.

"So why would anyone want to bring more of them here?"

He also sparked widespread anger by urging a ban on Muslim migrants and defending the race-based White Australia immigration policy that was in place for seven decades from 1901.

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The Final Solution or the Final Solution to the Jewish Question was a Nazi plan for the genocide or extermination of the Jews during World War Two. She said he then asked for a position in her office but she refused.

"We have to call it out and we must condemn it", he said. "Where first-generation Australians can join First Australians and those Australians whose families have lived here for more than 100 years and all work together to make our great country an even better country". On Wednesday Anning was the focus of intense condemnation from MPs, including the PM.

"If you have a jar of jelly beans and three of them are poisonous, you're not going to try any of them", he said.

Ms Aly told Parliament she was proud of the response from all sides of politics against Mr Anning's speech.

The Queenslander called for migration numbers to be slashed, and a ban on Muslims, justifying his call by saying they had "consistently shown to be the least able to assimilate and integrate".

Faruqi has also been critical of Fraser Anning's use of Holocaust-associated term in the parliament.

Responding to Anning's comments in a speech to the Lower House, Shadow Multicultural Minister Tony Burke called the words "bile".

I could stand on Bondi Beach, serving sausage sangers in an Akubra, draped in an Australian flag with a southern cross tattoo and, for some, I still wouldn't be Australian enough. On reflection he described the remarks as "vomitous poison" and "one of the most disgraceful, racist, homophobic, divisive, misogynist, spiteful, hateful speeches I've ever heard".