South Korea to inspect US-blacklisted ship

South Korea to inspect US-blacklisted ship

The Obama administration sanctioned the FSB in December 2016, citing the Russian government's aggressive harassment of USA officials and cyber operations aimed at the 2016 US presidential election.

Russian President Vladimir Putin attends a joint news conference with his Finnish counterpart Sauli Niinisto following their meeting at the Bocharov Ruchei state residence in the Black Sea resort of Sochi, Russia August 22, 2018.

These hearings considered the American policy of sanctions against Russian Federation.

Tensions with Russian Federation also remain high amid the investigation into its interference in the 2016 USA presidential election and whether it colluded with President Donald Trump or members of his campaign.

"We of course welcome statements that affirm a readiness to cooperate, but we would welcome even more some kind of concrete actions", Peskov said. "And charged with attempts to bypass the American "counter-hacking" measures group "at fault" included one Russian legal entity and two of our citizens", - said Ryabkov.

It described Office 39 as engaging in "illicit economic activities for (the) North Korean leadership".

He added: "Russia is the optimal supplier to the European economy".

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The administration's strategy is to "continue raising the costs until Russian aggression ceases, while keeping the door open to dialogue", Assistant Secretary of State Wess Mitchell told members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

He said the US restrictions are "counterproductive and senseless, especially against such country as Russian Federation", adding that Moscow expects Washington to realize their uselessness and engage in constructive cooperation.

On Tuesday, the USA slapped sanctions on two Russian shipping companies over alleged oil trading with North Korea. Russian Federation has also continued reducing its holdings of U.S. treasuries.

The Department of the Treasury announced that the sanctions target persons involved in the banned ship-to-ship transfer of refined petroleum products to North Korea-flagged vessels.

Earlier, the US imposed sanctions on two Russians, one Russian company and one Slovakian firm for what Washington said were their actions to help another Russian company avoid sanctions over the country's malicious cyber-related activities, Reuters recalls.

Trump has been widely attacked after his Helsinki meeting with Putin, due to his reconciliatory remarks that many saw as a sign of siding with Moscow against the USA intelligence community's conclusion that Russian Federation meddled in the 2016 US elections.