Trump Family's Biggest Legal Threat From SDNY Prosecutors, Not Mueller, Reports Say

Trump Family's Biggest Legal Threat From SDNY Prosecutors, Not Mueller, Reports Say

The CNN story, which cited multiple "sources", claimed Cohen said President Trump knew in advance about the Trump Tower sit-down. Lanny Davis, CNN source on background, had a lot to say.

And then Bernstein's sources-sources-sources with knowledge told Bernstein...

Other legal experts on Capitol Hill have questioned where Davis' loyalties lie in the past, calling him a long-time Clinton loyalist after having served as the White House special counsel during the Clinton administration.

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Trump now faces a "two-front war against the Justice Department", led by the Southern District, which can investigate any aspect of Trump's behavior that took place in its jurisdiction. CNN won't say - but Davis will. CNN also reported that Cohen was willing to testify to Mueller about what he'd heard.

And Bernstein swears on a stack of Bob Woodward's best-sellers that those sources-sources-sources were not Lanny Davis...

Sources tell CNBC that prosecutors in the Russian Federation probe continued asking questions about Cohen's role in Trump's campaign - as well as questions "about whether Cohen conducted personal business while working as an employee of the Trump Organization and for insight on why he didn't get a job in the Trump White House" - until at least this past May. Why Did Bernstein tell us Davis was not the source when Davis was the source?

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"I didn't like to work with Michael, I didn't like to interact with Michael, and that's why he had no role in the campaign, even when he wanted one", he said. It was a pretty dumb thing to lie about, unless you are just into lying, and CNN seems to enjoy lying, well, just because.

Dershowitz, a Harvard law professor emeritus, said Cohen may have embellished his claims regarding the Trump Tower meeting in order to get a more favorable plea deal.

Trump has denied knowledge all along, and fired back following CNN's report last month. How could it not?

Critics have slammed CNN following the report as the network initially reported Davis had "declined to comment on the story".

In a statement Saturday, a CNN spokeswoman said, "We stand by our story, and are confident in our reporting of it".

Anyway, see how easy it is to issue a retraction is when you are not a fake news crook with an enemies list filled with the name TRUMP?