Vadodara aunty's Kiki challenge video goes viral, cops unhappy

Vadodara aunty's Kiki challenge video goes viral, cops unhappy

Mumbai's police tweeted their 4.6 million followers a stark warning about the dance challenge: "Desist from public nuisance or face the music".

Norwood, 22, was filming his version of the challenge Thursday outside his Boynton Beach home and had planned to jump on the hood of the auto that his friend was driving.

However, the Jaipur police came up with a dark yet thoughtful social media post to inform people about the dangers of the viral trend.

The Makor news site said one of the companies has now removed its advert while the other has altered its advertisement.

You can't scroll through any social media platform without seeing a video of someone dancing outside of a vehicle to the song "In My Feelings", by Drake.

The challenge involves a slow moving auto and those on the passenger front seat, jumping out and dancing with the door open in sync with Drake's song, while the video is recorded.

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People across the globe are taking up the challenge and also encouraging their friends to take it.

Spanish police have too warned about the craze.

They request the people to dance on the floor and not the road.

The "In My Feelings" challenge is fast becoming one of the biggest social media trends of 2018.

Jaylen Norwood staged the stunt in his hometown of Boynton Beach, but it didn't go quote as planned after he slipped an oil spill. UP Police shared a compilation of videos where the challenge went wrong and the teens taking it ended up hurting themselves, with the message "not every challenge is worth taking".

The challenge has gathered steam after celebrities are also dabbling in the vitality with their videos. Drivers in the state of Florida could be fined US$ 1,000 as well.