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West Nile Virus found in Mahnomen

West Nile Virus found in Mahnomen

The first West Nile virus case of 2018 has appeared in Monroe County.

There have been no reported human cases in the area.

The centre for disease control says most people who get infected will show no symptoms, but the disease can be serious for one of about every 150 who are infected. The symptoms may develop two to 15 days after being bitten by an infected mosquito.

Brown says the heat, humidity and heavy rain we've gotten this summer is the cause for the increased risk.

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Chris Boling, the county's environmental health specialist, said he was informed by State Entomologist Bryan Price that a sample of mosquitoes taken August 10 tested positive for the disease.

Reports of infections of the brain and nervous system are more reliable indicators of West Nile's seriousness than statistics for flu-like West Nile fever or symptomless infections found most often when people donate blood, he and Ratard both said. If you think you have West Nile virus infection, contact your healthcare provider.

Residents of the district should remain vigilant in protecting themselves from mosquitoes and the diseases that they can carry, such as West Nile Virus.

Vélez de Brown and the state health department suggested that people should check their property for standing water that can be a breeding ground for mosquitos and drain it. Residents should also apply insect repellant before going outside, especially around dusk and dawn when mosquitos are most active, Vélez de Brown said.