New sexual misconduct claim aimed at Trump supreme court pick

New sexual misconduct claim aimed at Trump supreme court pick

The 53-year-old says Mr Kavanaugh exposed himself to her during a college party at Yale University in the 1980s, thrust his genitals in her face and caused her to touch them without her consent. Senate Republicans should stand up to these unsubstantiated and discredited allegations and move forward with a vote to confirm Kavanaugh.

The New Yorker published a bombshell story Sunday ahead of Kavanaugh's Thursday hearing in D.C., where he's already set to face-off against Christine Blasey Ford. who has accused him of a sexual assault when they were both in high school.

"For people to come out of the woodwork from 36 years ago, and 30 years ago and never mention it - all of a sudden it happens", Trump said. She said that she pushed the person away, touching it in the process.

Kavanaugh denied the story, calling it "a smear, plain and simple". "Unless there's something more, no, I'm not going to ruin Judge Kavanaugh's life over this". They were both present at a party in a dorm room their freshman year, Ramirez told The New Yorker's Ronan Farrow and Jane Mayer.

A White House spokeswoman adds in a second statement that the allegation is 'designed to tear down a good man'.

Michael Avenatti, a U.S. lawyer known for representing adult film actress Stormy Daniels in her cases against President Trump, has alleged on Twitter that he is representing a third woman with "credible information" regarding Judge Kavanaugh and the alleged witness to Prof Ford's assault, Mark Judge.

The committee reached out to the friend on Tuesday as someone who was possibly in attendance at the party where Ford alleges an inebriated Kavanaugh pinned her to a bed, groped her, put his hand over her mouth to stifle her screams and tried to remove her clothes.

Ford, meanwhile, agreed to testify Thursday after an increasingly ugly weeklong standoff that saw her forced to leave her California home as she faced death threats and the president openly attacked her credibility.

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At the United Nations in New York, Trump called his nominee "outstanding", and said he is "with him all the way". Judge also told the committee he has no memory of the incident and does not want to testify.

That's been followed by a new claim against Kavanaugh by another woman.

Kavanaugh has categorically denied Ford's story as "completely false", saying he was not even at such a party at the time Ford said the assault occurred. She attended Yale with Justice Kavanaugh, where she studied sociology and psychology, the magazine said.

The judiciary panel said it had talked to three other people who Ms Ford has told The Washington Post were at the party where the alleged assault took place - Mark Judge, Patrick J Smyth and Leland Ingham Keyser. "Enough is enough. Brett Kavanaugh needs to withdraw immediately".

Kavanaugh's confirmation would solidify conservative control of the Supreme Court and advance Trump's goal of moving the high court and the broader federal judiciary to the right.

Senator Dianne Feinstein, the ranking Democrat on the committee, called for the "immediate postponement of any further proceedings" relating to Mr Kavanaugh's nomination in an letter sent to the committee's Republican chairman on Sunday evening.

Kavanaugh and the White House vigorously denied the allegation Sunday night.