Oculus Quest announced: a wireless VR headset for $399

Oculus Quest announced: a wireless VR headset for $399

Why it matters: Oculus and Facebook have been trying for years to convince consumers that VR is the next big computing platform, but the market for the technology is still tiny.

The system also employs Oculus Rift's Guardian tech, which stops users walking into walls, or punching furniture, bringing up a virtual wall to notify them.

Oculus Quest arrives next spring priced at $399 and includes dual wireless handheld controllers. Like the Oculus Go, the Quest is a standalone VR headset, which means you don't need to connect it to an external device or computer. Oculus has instead put the tracking sensors inside the headset itself, giving you a fully wireless VR experience. While Facebook didn't reveal many more details about the launch lineup beyond that, it did confirm the device will support older Oculus games as well. The Oculus Quest is essentially a more premium version of the Go, with new features like hand controller tracking.

Nevertheless, the Santa Cruz demo from last year's show was impressive. Developers will likewise be able to add items from their games which can be earned by playing.

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Company executives likened Quest to the Rift multiple times, with Facebook VP of VR Hugo Barra saying that the Rift had been the company's testbed to find out what was possible in VR. We'll believe that when we see it, too. Now, users can make Rift purchases from the app, look at events, connect with friends, and view their library of VR games remotely.

Still, with more powerful standalone VR devices and more compelling VR media, Zuckerberg said he is "confident we're going to get there". It also has built-in speakers but with deeper bass than that of the Go.

What are you most excited about?

Unfortunately, during the Quest's announcement at Oculus Connect 5, Zuckerberg didn't mention what kind of internals or optics the Quest is packing.