'A Star Is Born' reminds that Hollywood can still deliver

'A Star Is Born' reminds that Hollywood can still deliver

His dad rock stylings are still filling ampitheatres and earning him choice festival slots. It's got enough heart to make the heartbreak feel real.

"A Star Is Born" knocked me out on multiple levels, from the screenwriting (Cooper) to the music (Cooper and Gaga) to the intimate cinematography by Matthew Libatique ("Black Swan", "Requiem For A Dream", "Inside Man"), to the films' confident direction (Cooper), and finally to the lovely, Oscar-level performances by Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper, Sam Elliott, Andrew Dice Clay and Dave Chappelle.

Adrift after a successful show, he wanders into a drag bar for a nightcap and stumbles upon the find of his life. Then, after one quick scene to take this all in, Jackson and Ally perform like it never happened. It's a relief for Cooper, more than the part of the film focused on the musical aspect. He's the guy everyone falls in love with in one way or another-the Monet that from a distance is heartbreakingly lovely but up close is just a mess.

The Interscope vice chairman explained that there were discussions between the studio with Cooper and Gaga's camps, adding that, "it really boiled down to the confidence in the film, confidence in the music, and let's follow this vision all the way through". The film opens with Cooper live on stage belting out "Black Eyes", a song that clearly states this movie means business on the musical front. "Breathtakingly lovely", while another wrote, "Brought me to tears and that rarely happens". Anthony Ramos and Andrew Dice Clay capably bring roots and levity for Ally (and the viewers). But like fellow "box office poison" in the past, Gaga rose from the ashes and made an unexpected leading debut in this year's "A Star Is Born". The subtle changes in her voice and mannerisms depending on the person that she is interacting with are a testament to Gaga's discipline and dedication to the role.

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With "A Star Is Born" expected to play a large role in awards season, Goldstein said the film is sure to run through Christmas. Gaga is both unmannered and layered. The story also based on how Gaga manages to keep her support with Carino.

This is high melodrama of a kind rarely seen these days, or executed this well at any time. Gaga cries a bit in this movie, and you probably will, too. He and cinematographer Matthew Libatique have been watching a lot of Kubrick, with strict, symmetrical compositions popping up at key moments in the story. The power of this performance is GaGa's willingness to be vulnerable and tap into her tattered esteem.

Cooper and Gaga make this film their own and elevate it above its generic and rushed moments.

For Lady GaGa fans, this is a must see. Those who have survived alcoholism and those who have endured the abuse of alcoholics, will see the remnants of their frayed experience in Jackson's good intentions and Ally's dedication. A Star Is Born does not treat queer people with the same delicacy and complexity of Moonlight or even The Shape of Water, but it does show a tale as old as time: queer people supporting and trumpeting a white woman who eventually leaves us in the dust for a problematic, abusive white man.