Apple updates MacBook Air with Retina Display and TouchID

Apple updates MacBook Air with Retina Display and TouchID

What is the MacBook Air?

As widely speculated, Apple has announced update to its cheapest MacBook series, MacBook Air. "Every part of the product has been redesigned and reengineered", said Laura Lagrove, vice president of hardware engineering at Apple, during the Apple event.

The new MacBook Air has a high-resolution Retina display, is a little lighter and has other performance enhancements. The border is 50% more narrow. If, however, the previous MacBook Air's appeal was grounded in that balance of portability, functionality, and most importantly price, then what will be the reaction to the new tag?

The new MacBook Air comes with Touch ID so users can instantly access the thin and lightweight laptop. It uses Apple's T2 chip to secure TouchID information and to protect data during the boot process, as well as data encryption for the SSD, plus the Hey Siri feature. Those perforations aren't just for show, either; they house speakers that are 25% louder and deliver two-times the amount of bass than that of the previous MacBook Air, according to Apple.

Two USB-C with Thunderbolt 3 ports are provided to enable connections to high-end peripherals like a 5K display.

Lastly, the new MacBook Air is constructed from 100-percent recycled aluminium.

MacBook Air comes in gold, silver and space grey colour options.

Who is the target audience for the MacBook Air?

The trackpad is now the new Force Touch trackpad that's 20% larger, and offers haptic feedback.

This means the Air includes the same keyboard as the 2018 MacBook Pro, which features quieter key travel and more resistance to dust.

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"New iPad Pros recap: "64/256/512GB/1TB storage, $799 (11") and $999 (12.9").

Apple CEO Tim Cook presents the new MacBook Air. Unlike the previous versions, this notebook includes a retina display, Touch ID, and a T2 security chip. The screen can show 48% more color, and the FaceTime camera is still at the top.

While my initial impressions of the MacBook Air are positive, a few questions about the device remain, particularly battery life given this is a feature the older air is famous for.

The size of the MacBook Air has also been improved, and the latest model has 17% less volume than its predecessor.

It will cost US$1,199 and go on sale today, Cupertino, California-based Apple said.

Speaking of SSDs, you get up to 1.5TB of storage on the new MacBook air, and up to 16GB of RAM.

The system comes with a 13-hour iTunes movie playback capable battery. Well, if you're planning on upgrading your tablet, I've got bad news for you: You'll need to buy a new Apple Pencil. Prices start at $1,199, with preordering available today.

In terms of pricing, things start off with an 8GB RAM, 1.6GHz Core 15, 128GB for $1,199.