Florida man charged in connection with 14 bombs sent to Trump critics

Florida man charged in connection with 14 bombs sent to Trump critics

The speeches were among Obama's sharpest and most direct takedowns of Trump's presidency, although the former president was careful to not mention Trump by name.

Sayoc's arrest followed an intense four-day manhunt sparked by the discovery of bombs concealed in packages addressed to such leading Democratic figures as former U.S. President Barack Obama and former first lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, whom Trump defeated in the 2016 presidential race.

"Suddenly it's this group of folks, we don't even know where they are, they're way down there".

"I thank God no one's been hurt, and I thank the courageous and resourceful security and law enforcement people for protecting us", De Niro said in a statement.

"There's something at stake in this election that goes beyond party, what is at stake is a politics that is decent and honest and lawful, and tries to do right by people, and that's worthy of this country we love", Obama said. He pointed to Trump's lies and said he was concerned about threats to the freedom of the press and groups of people being targeted based on what they look like.

"Because it shouldn't be Democratic or Republican to say we don't just make stuff up".

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But aside from his gripes about the GOP, Obama also said the coming election is about something bigger than today's political battles.

He cited Trump's recent comment stating that he would pass a tax cut before the November election.

"In Washington they have racked up enough indictments to field a football team", he said.

Also during the rally at Milwaukee's North Division High School, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett urged his party to do a better job turning out voters than it did two years ago, when Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in Wisconsin by some 22,000 votes. "If they did, they'd be up in arms right now as the Chinese are listening to the President's iPhone that he leaves in his golf cart", he added, a reference to a New York Times report. "Nobody in my administration got indicted". "This is bad, this is a national security crisis". Multiple Democratic candidates, including gubernatorial candidate Gretchen Whitmer, joined Obama.

"I'm hopeful MI", he said. "I'm hopeful because out of this political darkness, I'm seeing a great awakening".