'I Know You're Not Thinking, You Never Do'

'I Know You're Not Thinking, You Never Do'

President Donald Trump points to a member of the media as he speaks during a news conference on trade between the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

As with so much of the Trump administration's bluster, it's impossible to say whether the edited transcript represents a calculated attempt by the White House to soft-censor the president's clear denigration of a female reporter's intelligence, or if it's a careless slip-up on the part of a government employee.

Mr Trump immediately cut her off: "What does that have to do with trade? She's in a state a shock". "No, I'm not, thank you, Mr. President", Vega replied.

An official transcript distributed on Monday evening showed the President telling a female senior correspondent she wasn't "thanking" when he called on her, an odd construction that bore little resemblance to what the President is heard on video saying.

Vega, visibly taken aback, seemed to ask Trump to repeat what he'd said.

When Trump felt his that his new trade agreement was adequately addressed, he was still testy when he returned to Collins for her question on the Federal Bureau of Investigation probe into Kavanaugh's background and scolded her when she tried to ask a followup question. He wagged his finger at CNN's Kaitlan Collins, shouting "Don't do that!" as she questioned him about Kavanaugh.

In response to a question from a male reporter about Kavanaugh, the President said: "I watched a man saying that he did have difficulty as a young man with drink".

Both Dr Ford and Kavanaugh fought back tears as they gave evidence over claims he sexually assaulted the then-15-year-old in the 1980s. "I don't want to talk about plan B because I think-I hope he's going to get approved", Trump told reporters in the Rose Garden, reports CNN.

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"Don't do that. That's not nice, " he said, adding that he wanted to answer a question about trade and moving on to another reporter.

"No, go ahead", Trump said.

After several questions on the issue, Collins tried again.

"I wouldn't mind that at all", Trump said.

Others online also criticized the president's actions, many voicing support for female journalists. "But, you know, I'd like to do the trade questions, too".

He tweeted his Democratic presidential rival, Hillary Clinton, couldn't "satisfy her own husband".

He once called Arianna Huffington "unattractive".