Government asks high court to hear transgender military case

Government asks high court to hear transgender military case

Trump revisited that policy, the president issuing an order banning most transgender troops from serving except under limited circumstances.

Typically, the nation's top court waits until regional appeals courts have ruled on an issue before weighing its constitutionality.

The administration Friday asked the Supreme Court to review lower court rulings blocking the military's policy, seeking to bypass a federal appeals court now considering the issue.

It's unclear why, exactly, all due haste is required in denying transgender people the right to serve in the USA military.

While the US Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit has heard arguments but not yet issued an opinion; the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit is scheduled to hear an appeal of the ruling in December, the Post noted.

President Donald Trump's administration has asked the US Supreme Court to review lower court rulings blocking a policy barring certain transgender people from serving in the military, declining to wait for the decisions from federal appeals courts now considering the issue. Francisco argues that lower court rulings imposing nationwide injunctions are wrong and warrant immediate review. It's the fourth time in recent months the administration has sought to bypass lower courts that have blocked some of its more controversial proposals and push the high court, with a conservative majority, to weigh in quickly on a divisive issue.

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The supreme court nearly always waits to get involved in a case until both a trial and appeals court have ruled.

Trump's message that "the United States Government will not accept or allow transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the U.S. Military" surprised military leaders and members of Congress. Trump said he was "doing the military a great favor" by "coming out and just saying it".

The administration wants the court to hear the dispute this term.

The new policy approved by President Trump allows current transgender service members with gender dysphoria to continue serving if they were diagnosed after the Obama administration's policy took effect.

It marks yet another attempt by Trump to undo policy enacted by the Obama administration, specifically when it comes to policies affecting the transgender community.

The effort has drawn criticism from those who say such requests puts the Supreme Court in position to be seen as doing the administration's bidding. An Obama administration policy change has allowed them to serve in the USA military.