Grim search for 993 missing after deadliest California wildfire

Grim search for 993 missing after deadliest California wildfire

The sheriff's office said that the number will continue to move up and down as remains are found, more missing reports come in and people who have been reported missing turn up safe.

The fire also burned many places to the ground, creating a landscape unique to many search-and- rescue personnel, he said.

While predicted downpours have been expected to help temper the blazes that have killed 77 people so far, according to The Associated Press, they could also complicate the search for almost 1,300 people who have been named on a list of residents who have yet to be accounted for.

Officials say drivers should be cautious in the rain, which is already expected to cause traffic delays going into the Thanksgiving holiday.

The latest blazes have capped a two deadly wildfire seasons in California that scientists largely attribute to prolonged drought they say is symptomatic of climate change.

While the media focused on glib remarks from United States president Donald Trump suggesting future fires could be avoided by "raking" the forest floor, California governor Jerry Brown there were more fundamental issues at stake.

Finland's president isn't sure where U.S. President Donald Trump got the idea that raking is part of his country's routine for managing its substantial forests. He remembered telling Trump "We take care of our forests" but doesn't remember speaking to him about raking. "So I think we're on a good path".

An American flag hangs at a burned out mobile home park in Paradise California on Nov 18 2018
After a forest fire in California, the air was “the worst in the world”

"What we saw at Pleasure, what a name right", Trump told reporters while standing in front of some charred trees in California next to state governor Jerry Brown. While the rain would help douse the flames, it could also cause floods and mudslides.

Brian Rice, president of California Professional Firefighters, called Trump's earlier remarks "ill-informed", noting the federal government had cut spending on forest management.

Heath Hockenberry, the National Weather Service's fire program leader, said in "high-intensity" fires trees release gas that can form pockets and creates a "very volatile, waxy layer under the soil".

"We will rise from the ashes", said a sign on the altar of the church, where survivors embraced, and one woman carried a picture of her father who died.

At last count, the Camp Fire had destroyed more than 13,600 homes and other structures, authorities said late on Sunday.

"I'm sorry, he's not going to get my vote next time", Cliff Trophies, a market gardener wearing a thick white moustache and a baseball cap, said in Chico.

Our local crew was deployed to Southern California for aid in the Woolsey Fire and over the weekend they posted an update on their mission to Facebook.

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