It's Offical: Amazon Chooses Northern Virginia, NYC for Split HQ2

It's Offical: Amazon Chooses Northern Virginia, NYC for Split HQ2

It narrowed the list to 20 finalists in January.

The new Washington headquarters will be located in National Landing, in Arlington, Virginia, while the New York City headquarters will be located in the Long Island City neighborhood in Queens just across from Manhattan.

In a way, the New York and Northern Virginia sites make sense, as the company had asked in its RFP specifically for "daily direct flights" to Seattle, New York, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Washington DC.

The two areas already have relatively low unemployment rates, and Fitch Ratings has noted that even a full HQ2 only represented 1.5% of the Washington area and 0.5% of the NY area's labor force. "We will continue to stand up against what can only be described as a bad deal for NY and for Long Island City".

It has got more than 200 proposals since then from cities and states promising billions of dollars of tax breaks and other inducements in exchange for Amazon's "HQ2".

Amazon's search for a second headquarters captured the attention of almost every economic development agency in the country, with more than 200 submitting bids to land what had originally been described as 50,000 jobs and billions in investment.

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In setting off the flurry of interest, Amazon said it could spend more than US$5 billion to build its second headquarters over the next 17 years. The change in plans came after Amazon executives concluded it could recruit more of the best tech talent if it spread the office over two locations. Plaxall has pushed that the 15-ace site, known as the Anable Basin, be rezoned, which could also clear the way for almost 5,000 housing units, of which 25 percent would be made affordable.

After announcing that it would be splitting its much-anticipated HQ2 between two cities, Amazon will reportedly unveil its choice as soon as Tuesday. Amazon said Seattle will remain as one of Amazon's three headquarters. The company claims that its Long Island City campus will create $10 billion in incremental tax income over the next 20 years. The move could mean tens of thousands of high-paying jobs and millions in community investments, which would be a boon to any city.

It also has brought additional scrutiny to potential incentives Amazon might receive to locate in certain areas.

"Amazon is a billion-dollar company". Bernie Sanders, who have called out the company over issues like wages.

He said Global Toronto is also in touch with Amazon for unspecified "follow-up opportunities". Stephane Kasriel, the CEO of the freelancing platform Upwork and the co-chair of the World Economic Forum initiative, chalks up the concentration of jobs in big cities to a lack of imagination.

But there's still hope that South Florida can compete for a different tech headquarters from Amazon - one that focuses on Latin America.