President Trump sends thousands of troops to the Mexican border

President Trump sends thousands of troops to the Mexican border

Trump has ramped up his tough stance on illegal immigration in recent days, specially targeting a Central American caravan of migrants making its way through Mexico to the US' southern border.

"I hope there won't be that", Trump said, but added that anybody throwing rocks or stones at the military service members will be considered to be using a firearm, "because there's not much difference when you get hit in the face with a rock". Our military fights back.

A group of immigrants from Honduras and Guatemala seeking asylum receive help the bus station after they were processed and released by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, June 21, 2018, in McAllen, Texas. The official says there are about 2,600 US troops now at staging bases, largely in Texas, with several thousand more expected to flow in through the weekend and move into California and Arizona. The migrants say they are fleeing persecution, violence and poverty back home.

The Department of Homeland Security referred questions about the tent cities to the Department of Defense.

In a lengthy speech on Thursday, Mr Trump said migrants are abusing the asylum system and making a "mockery" of immigration laws. But hitching rides allowed them to get to Donaji early, and some headed to a town even further north, Sayula.

"This complaint is poorly written and looks more like a press release than a lawsuit, using politically charged terms and hyperbole instead of carefully reasoned legal claims", says Breitbart News Senior Legal Editor Ken Klukowski.

"We are all going!" one the coordinators told the group.

Saira Cabrera, a 36-year-old migrant traveling with her husband and two children aged 7 and 13, said she was frustrated.

U.S. immigration laws make clear that any immigrants in the United States may apply for asylum, regardless of whether they enter the country through a legal port of entry. He railed against "birth tourism", where mothers from overseas travel to America to have babies so they will automatically be US citizens.

The Immigration and Nationality Act says that anyone who arrives in the U.S. "whether or not at a designated port of arrival" may apply for asylum if he or she has a "well-founded fear of persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group or political opinion".

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President Donald Trump said Friday that if migrants approaching the USA border throw rocks at US military or border patrol personnel like they did with Mexican authorities, they will be arrested, not potentially shot.

"Those who choose to break our laws and enter illegally will no longer be able to use meritless claims to gain automatic admission into our country", he added.

PV2 Robert Marschewski, 4th Engineer Battalion, Fort Carson, Colorado told CBN News, "As a combat engineer we are highly trained in obstacles, which will be very useful right now". However, the number granted asylum has hovered around 5 percent.

He has also threatened to indefinitely detain asylum-seekers in "tent cities" and floated the idea of ending birthright citizenship by executive order.

Trump also tweeted a video Wednesday alleging Democrats were responsible for allowing a homicidal immigrant into the US but provided no evidence supporting that claim.

Senator Jeff Flake, an Arizona Republican, called the ad "sickening" and said Republicans "should denounce it".

It's not clear how Trump's proposal would work under existing law.

Babies born in the USA are deemed American citizens under the Constitution's 14th Amendment, which grants citizenship to "all persons born or naturalized in the United States". President Donald Trump has said the number could reach 15,000.

He brought up immigration issues several times during a political rally Thursday night in Columbia, Missouri.

He complained that the law had given rise to an global birth tourism industry and imagined foreign adversaries sending their pregnant wives to the give birth. "Does anybody think this makes sense?"