Rumor: Microsoft is preparing a disc-free Xbox One for 2019

Rumor: Microsoft is preparing a disc-free Xbox One for 2019

Microsoft will release a new Xbox One sku next year that will be disc-less, according to a rumor. The idea of a disc-free Xbox One doesn't come completely out of the blue. Without a disc drive, it obviously can't play physical media, but those who already have a library of games will reportedly be able to trade them in with Microsoft in exchange for digital copies of those same titles.

While there isn't an official confirmation from Microsoft on this information just yet, the report details that the console is slated to release in 2019 and will not allow users to insert discs into the console.

Although not a holiday, Black Friday is a time of year that everyone looks forward to when the Fall season begins, as most retailers will drastically lower the prices for their goods and services. When you consider that the Xbox One S costs $300 and the Xbox One X costs $500, it makes sense that Microsoft would want to offer consumers a less expensive point of entry, especially late in the generation as console sales slow down.

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Today's November update for the Xbox One has brought mouse and keyboard support to Microsoft's console, as announced in September.

As for Scarlett, Microsoft is still trying to decide if that console will include a disc drive but should be making the final decision here shortly. Additionally, you should know that RGB lighting now only runs from the keyboard's hardware playback and can not be customized from the Xbox One just yet.

Under Phil Spencer, Microsoft is investing heavily in its Xbox brand and announced the acquisition of a couple of new gaming studios over the weekend.