Samsung announces One UI to reduce clutter and distractions

Samsung announces One UI to reduce clutter and distractions

Since then, we've written hundreds of articles dedicated on this unicorn of a device that proved harder to master than anyone, including Samsung, thought.

To build the Infinity Flex Display, Samsung had to develop new materials and processes - to "throw out old assumptions, and reimagine the display from the ground up", Anjum said. Samsung may have mastered the hardware, but the interface of this unique form factor will be what makes or breaks it. What if you need a display for a quick glance at something when you don't need the big one for consuming media or browsing? The company has provided a number of images to highlight this point more succinctly.

Users can have up to three apps running at once on the tablet-sized screen, which Samsung calls its "Multi-active window" feature.

"As you unfold, the app seamlessly transfers to the bigger screen without missing a beat". Added to this is a rumoured price tag that could start around the $2 000 mark, but Samsung likely will not reveal any pricing information for its foldable phone before it's ready to be debuted in full sometime next year. All of which are further created to increase the usability of the interface on a larger display, while also ensuring the experience is cleaner and more minimalist than it ever has been before on a Samsung device. "And, making changes to help developers everywhere take advantage of the possibilities this creates for incredible new experiences, new ways to engage and delight your users". It is noteworthy to mention here that Samsung will not be the first smartphone company to unveil a foldable smartphone.

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The move also underscores a new level of caution in product planning after a costly recall for its fire-prone Galaxy Note 7 in 2016. Though there will be a "Foldables" session this week at the developer summit that will reportedly have more to share.

Samsung has unveiled its much-anticipated folding phone at its developers conference in San Francisco. As it seems evident Samsung plans to make this the default experience on its devices going forward.

While holographic displays might be a bridge too far, we fully expect to see some of these features crop up on the S10, which is slated to appear in early 2019.