The PS4 turns five-years-old, so here's its best-selling games

The PS4 turns five-years-old, so here's its best-selling games

While supplies last, you can grab the DualShock 4 Wireless Controller for PlayStation 4 for only $38.99 via Amazon as part of its early Black Friday deals.

In case you haven't already seen it, this holiday season's best deal is likely that of the new 1 TB PS4 Slim model which comes with a digital copy of Marvel's Spider-Man all for $199.99.

For everyone else: whether that extra graphical bump isn't such a major concern or it's your first foray into the world of console gaming - then a PS4 Slim will do you just fine.

By studying and monitoring Black Friday deals across thousands of products, researchers at Saver Trends are able to narrow down the best options for shoppers. A phenomenon deal over an entire year of membership of PlayStation Plus. From discounts on games and accessories to consoles and laptops, you should have no problem finding a great deal for the gamer in your life. And to top it off, the gaming giant is releasing a special console bundle later this month in honor of the milestone.

To celebrate this occasion, we are also revealing a new PS4 bundle to add to our lineup, the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 PS4 bundle.

Via nintendo
Via nintendo

GameStop (gme) over the weekend announced its slate of Black Friday offers.

Controllers have gotten a bit pricier this generation, but if you find yourself playing with friends often, now is the best time to pick one up. However, a number of PS V games don't even need them. Over on Ebay, a highly rated seller is offering a PS4 Pro with Spider-Man for $405, effectively tossing in the game for $5 over the price of the system itself.

Note: Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales are time limited.

All orders over $35 will have free shipping, so make sure you take advantage of that and get ready for the holidays.

The deals end on 26 November at midnight. Once we're into November, stay vigilant and keep your eyes peeled.

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