Apple's App Store revenue expected to top US$46B in 2018

Apple's App Store revenue expected to top US$46B in 2018

Apple today made an anti-spam application developed by the Indian government available on that country's version of its App Store.

India's telecom watchdog and the the U.S. phonemaker have been at loggerheads for almost two years over the so-called privacy details sought by the country's regulator while flagging spam calls. The app not only will help users report unwanted calls or messages to their respective telecom service providers but will also help identify telemarketing callers that haven't registered themselves. This app will share specific spam content to with authorities. Even though we're not in the early days of app development for iPhone and Android, developers still favor iOS over Android in many cases, and some titles hit iPhones and iPads before they're available in the Play store. It's a restriction that Apple has been enforcing for over a year, so it's unlikely the developers didn't know about it.

Hummingbird will take Flutter one step further by allowing app developers to create web apps, too.

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Martin's Episcopal Church following the funeral service for former first lady Barbara Bush on April 21, 2018 in Houston, Texas. The Republican politician also served as a congressman, ambassador and director of Central Intelligence.

Google has kicked out Cheetah Mobile's CM File Manager and Kika Tech's Kika Keyboard from the Play Store after an internal investigation revealed that those apps were involved in 'deceptive and malicious behavior'. Apple, as we mentioned, is extremely strict about the kind of apps it puts out there.

The DND app itself isn't new and it debuted in Google's app store back in 2016. Apple is known to remove a lot of apps which end up violating its privacy terms and conditions. It's not clear whether Apple agreed to settle on giving TRAI access to all call logs and texts or if TRAI settled on the things Apple agreed upon to avoid a ban. So, what do you think about this?

The possibility of such sensitive information being sent to TRAI DND is likely why Apple said that there was risk to user privacy. "Customers already using the old app can continue to do so without having to download it afresh", said the bank, which has more than 24 million customers in India. According to some reports, an average person in India receives up to ten unwanted calls and messages in a day. Reporting is done through sending of an SMS to 1909, the official number for the goal.