Vikendi Survivor Pass Now Available

Vikendi Survivor Pass Now Available

If we talk about the Fortnite Game, the game serves equally exciting gameplay which still makes people addicted to it. Fortnite has crossed the 200 Million mark in the last month; whereas the new PUBG Mobile game has achieved this number very quickly. The fourth map coming to handsets this time is Vikendi.

Vikendi is a 6x6 square map, making it smaller than both Erangel and Miramar, which are both 8x8 squares in size, but larger than Sanhok, which is 4x4. The name of the map is announced as "Vikendi" which is a snow map.

But you may also know that PUBG is not available for the users in China, which clearly indicates that PUBG has got ahead of Fortnite in popularity if everything is summed up. We recommend downloading the map first.

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Since the introduction of season 4, there have been a range of snow outfits available and now it looks like you'll actually be able to put them to some use. Players can collect bells from Classic mode matches and get them exchanged for rewards. Few days ago they uploaded a making-of video of the new PUBG map vikendi in which you all can see how one of the best map of PlayerUnknown's Battleground was made possible. So, not only is PUBG Mobile's recent achievement impressive, but if you add its 50 million-plus users on console and PC, PUBG may actually have more registered players than Fortnite. The outlet also reported that PUBG Mobile's iOS revenue recently surpassed that of Fortnite Mobile by 43 percent. Unfortunately, what the exact rewards that can be acquired through the collection of the PUBG Mobile Jingle Bells are now unknown.

This is the accurate release date and time for the new map, which will hit live servers on Friday, December 21.

PUBG Mobile 0.10.0 also brings many other features to PUBG Mobile. While this has not yet been confirmed, it wouldn't hurt players to collect as numerous new items as possible before tomorrow's update goes live.