Dance on these towers in Fortnite for some easy battle stars

Dance on these towers in Fortnite for some easy battle stars

It became available when the week five, season seven challenges were released on January 3.

There will be three different stages players will need to complete in order to finish the challenge.

To find specific named locations, dance spots, the hidden Battle Star, and other key objectives, head to the places marked on this handy all-in-one cheat sheet by Reddit user "thesquatingdog".

Find out what changes the game delivered with the latest patch here.

The only ice cave with a lodge in the Fortnite: Battle Royale island is in the far southwest corner of the map, on the B9 square southeast of Frosty Flights and far west of Happy Hamlet.

In the center of those trees is a hole in the ice. As you can see, just above the lantern you can very faintly see the top of a battle star in the background. Interact with the star and you should receive the free Battle Pass tier when you leave the match.

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Were you able to find the Week 5 Secret Battle Star? The Secret Battle Star location is the same on all platforms.

Our wiki has guides on how to complete the week 1, week 2, week 3, and week 4 challenges, as well as where the week 1 secret star, week 2 secret banner, week 3 secret star, and week 4 secret banner locations are. We will update this article once we get a screengrab of the Battle Star.

Players who don't own the premium Battle Pass also can't see the secret Battle Star since they're unable to complete all seven challenges of each week.

Could Epic Games have included the giant rock man as a marker for this challenge to draw player attention to it, as it'll soon start stomping around the Battle Royale map?

The area can get quite busy, so make sure you're armed and ready to run after you've completed this challenge. If you want that dope tier 100 skin, you'll want to knock out as many challenges as you can, but especially the easy ones like this week's multi-stage dance challenge.