How Wonder Woman reactions influenced Captain Marvel

How Wonder Woman reactions influenced Captain Marvel

There's plenty of new footage as we see a Skrull transformation - in case we were left in any doubt who the Big Bads of the movie and potentially Marvel's future are - and a potential Kree-Skrull war as Ronan the Accuser looks out a giant space war being waged overhead.

With each Captain Marvel trailer, we're getting a better look at Marvel Studios' latest addition to the MCU - and this third one, while relatively short, highlights some different tones to Carol Danvers' arrival. We haven't seen how that might work in these films yet - maybe only the strongest can survive passing through time, taking regular humans out of the equation and leaving things in the hands of characters like Carol, Thor, and maybe Peter Quill? Lee Pace's baddie is set to make a return, before his days of taking on the heroes in 'Guardians of the Galaxy'.

The film is set to release on 8 March.

She said: "I did nine months of just training and three months of stunt training with the stunt team where we spent two hours every day, five days a week".

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She also has to prove to Fury that she's not a Skrull herself. In fact, the clip suggests that Captain Marvel may have planted the idea of creating The Avengers in Nick Fury and Agent Coulson's minds.

Brie also shared a new poster for the film on Instagram. "And for a lot of the movie, this is a two-hander between Captain Marvel and Nick Fury-and a version of Nick Fury we haven't seen before, which is super exciting".

Hence the de-aged Sam Jackson and Agent Coulson, plus the "I thought you were dead?" bad guy from the first GOTG film, as well as a few new faces. And I think that's kind of what's fun about these movies: "ou get a full, complete satisfying experience that has tendrils reaching into other branches of the cinematic universe...if you're looking for them".

"The great part about it is we just get to focus on him as he is so we don't need to worry about the stuff he's going to encounter later", Schwartz said during the visit. During a visit to the set of the movie past year, Captain Marvel executive producer Jonathan Schwartz told ComicBook.com that the film might include some fun tidbits for fans of ABC's Agents of SHIELD.