Miami International Airport will reopen shuttered terminal Monday

Miami International Airport will reopen shuttered terminal Monday

TSA officials confirmed that worker absences have increased but insisted that "security standards remain uncompromised at our nation's airports".

Three weeks into the partial U.S. government shutdown, airports and their workers are beginning to feel some serious pain.

A Delta representative told Business Insider that once the passenger disclosed the firearm's presence, the airline contacted the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). According to the Washington Post, the passenger cooperated and "was met by Japanese authorities upon landing".

Many say they're drafting contingency plans to deal with a shortage of TSA workers, like shutting certain security checkpoints or supplying extra staff temporarily to run bins or perform other non-security functions.

TSA agents have been among the federal employees forced to work without pay during the shutdown.

It said the national unscheduled absence rate of TSA staff on January 3 was 4.8 per cent compared to 6.3 per cent on the same day past year.

According to CBS News, the amount of workers calling in sick on the day of the incident, January 2 of this year, was the same as the numbers reported nearly one year ago on January 3, 2018.

The TSA's trouble with detecting weapons is not a new issue either.

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TSA spokesman Jim Gregory said the agency was not "providing specific airport callout information due to security concerns" and maintained that "TSA screening and security is never compromised".

TSA screeners weren't paid on January 11, their first full paycheck due since the government mostly shuttered more than a dozen major departments and agencies on December 22 in a dispute over whether to fund a wall at the Mexico border.

TSA spokesman Michael Billelo said callouts were at 7.7 percent nationwide Sunday.

After 1 p.m., Monday, all restaurants and shops in those terminals will be closed, after being shuttered Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

The government shutdown has now become the longest in United States history and has left hundreds of thousands of federal workers unpaid and government offices closed.

While TSA has said the partial government shutdown is not responsible for the breach, citing that the security breach was due to "standard procedures" not being followed.

The food distributed so far will feed the workers and their families, about 187 people in all, Nipps said.