Milwaukee Public Schools closed Wednesday ‘due to inclement weather’

Milwaukee Public Schools closed Wednesday ‘due to inclement weather’

According to the National Weather Service, wind chills could reach negative 55 in northern IL, which could lead to hypothermia, frostbite and death in extreme cases.

"If we can get our buses up and running - they are warm, our facilities are warm", said Kenton County School District spokeswoman Jessica Dykes.

All schools and district offices are closed as well as all district after school, recreation and athletic programs and events.

It's important that we work together to make sure students are prepared to go to school in cold weather.

The decision of whether or not to close schools is based on New York State Department of Education guidance.

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The district considers closing when temperatures below -25 degrees wind chill are forecasted, and those temperatures are forecasted starting tomorrow afternoon and continuing through the time that children would be transported home.

Local media and our website will carry closing information. "So it just makes sense to close school down for that day and use one of our snow days or add a day in the summer if we have to". The district also considers that almost 2/3 of District 7's 7,600 students rely on bus transportation and thousands of those students reside in rural areas. Outdoor activities are limited when the temperature drops below freezing and all activities must be held indoors if the temperature or wind chill drops below 15.

Some Stateline school districts are already making long-term arrangements in anticipation of severe weather.

However, the highs at O'Hare on Thursday afternoon are expected to be close to zero, meaning if temperatures fall short of that mark, Chicagoans might have to wait an additional 12 hours until Friday morning, according to weather service meteorologist Ricky Castro.