Mueller evidence used in disinformation campaign

Mueller evidence used in disinformation campaign

"Mueller's team confirmed some of the documents were legitimate and obtained through the trial's discovery process", NBC News reported earlier Wednesday.

The allegation comes amid an ongoing dispute in the case against Concord Management over whether the defense team can ferry "sensitive material" obtained during discovery to its client in Russian Federation.

The FBI has found no evidence that United States servers were compromised, and the IP address of the account used to publish the materials originated in Russian Federation, prosecutors said.

"Certain nonsensitive discovery materials in the defense's possession appear to have been altered and disseminated as part of a disinformation campaign aimed (apparently) at discrediting ongoing investigations into Russian interference in the US political system", prosecutors said in their Wednesday filing.

The prosecutors' filing said the matching files included images of political memes from Facebook and other social media accounts used online by the Internet Research Agency, many of which are presumably still available elsewhere on the Internet, but not with the unique identifiers used in materials turned over by prosecutors.

The tweet linked to a file sharing website where the documents could be viewed, the court filing reads.

"On the contrary, the government's concerns are only heightened by the apparent release and manipulation of information produced to Concord as 'non-sensitive" discovery in this case, ' according to the filing.

That reporter then purportedly alerted the special counsel's office to the breach. The names and numbering of the documents in question "significantly match the non-public names and file structure" of the discovery materials, prosecutors write.

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A lawyer for Concord did not immediately comment.

As part of protective measures ordered for the case in May 2018, the defense is allowed to share the sensitive information, but only if the individuals who want to see it come to the do so.

The tweet was posted in October past year by the account @HackingRedstone, according to the filing.

Concord is controlled by Yevgeny Prigozhin, a wealthy businessman known as "Putin's chef" for his ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Under a court protective order, sensitive evidence in the case must be reviewed by a USA government "firewall" counsel and then a judge must give permission before the evidence can be to any non-U. Instead, prosecutors say individuals who had access to the evidence in the case may have spread it.

"After all, it was (apparently) Prigozhin's choice to have Concord enter an appearance in this criminal case, knowing that he was under indictment but declining to appear himself, let alone accept notice of the indictment", the filing says.

The Russian firm, Concord Management and Consulting LLC, is being prosecuted in Mueller's investigation of U.S. allegations that Moscow meddled in 2016 to undermine the American democratic process and help then-Republican candidate Donald Trump defeat Democrat Hillary Clinton.