Sen. Graham Gives Bleak Outlook On Government Shutdown

Sen. Graham Gives Bleak Outlook On Government Shutdown

Meanwhile, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has made clear that he won't take up any legislation related to the shutdown in the Senate that President Donald Trump won't sign. He said lawmakers can also take that step, even though there's no indication they would.

Senator Graham caught the largest serving of Scarborough bile due to his complete transformation from a presidential candidate who warned the nation about Trump to one of his leading apologists/toadies.

The Democratic-controlled U.S. House of Representatives voted on Friday to restore funding for federal agencies that have been shut down by a fight with President Donald Trump over border wall funding, as some 800,000 government workers, from tax collectors to FBI agents, missed their first paycheck. "It's long past time for Senate Republicans and the President to end this reckless shutdown and re-open the government".

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President Trump said Friday that the immigration flow along the southern border amounts to an "invasion", calling the situation "far worse" than people understand after returning from a visit to the front-lines in Texas.

He later added, "Trump is leading this horror show, but you know who I hold accountable?"

"I'm not going to do it so fast", Trump told the White House press pool.

Trump to visit US-Mexico border amid shutdown stalemate
On Monday, President Trump announced that he would be addressing the nation on the humanitarian crisis on our southern border. His administration has already spent millions constructing wall prototypes near the border in San Diego.

Senators passed a bill Thursday to ensure all federal employees, whether they are still working or were furloughed, will be paid in full when the partial government shutdown ends.

It is the latest sign that the administration is laying the groundwork for a possible emergency order as negotiations between Trump and congressional Democrats to reopen the partially shuttered government have ground to a halt. Democrats in Congress have refused to approve a spending bill that includes the $5.7 billion Trump has demanded for the wall.

"We're watching the political, ideological and moral collapse of my old Republican Party", Scarborough said.

He originally was willing to offer $1.6 billion for border security, but that changed after an earlier contentious meeting with the president before the shutdown on December 11.

He has the right to undertake a construction project of this scale in times of war and national emergency, usually by allocating funds from the department of defence.

He cited border security as his reason for canceling his planned trip to Davos, Switzerland, for the World Economic Forum later this month.