The Facebook 10 Year Challenge Might not Just be a Harmless Meme

The Facebook 10 Year Challenge Might not Just be a Harmless Meme

"Imagine that you wanted to train a facial recognition algorithm on age-related characteristics and, more specifically, on age progression (e.g., how people are likely to look as they get older)", she added. Odds are more than a few people on your Friends List may have a pet, a place or text set as their profile picture.

Best of all, the images posted for the 10 Year Challenge are all spaced precisely 10 years apart, giving a uniform aging benchmark.

If nothing is free on the Internet, how are you paying for the 10 year challenge?

So all in all, it's not the end of the world if you're hopping on the #10YearsChallenge trend on your social media.

There's always a new trend or gimmick on Facebook or Instagram.

"We're not being paranoid about this ... we have a lot of evidence that this is being done in all kinds of ways all the time", said Murakami Wood.

So your Facebook and Instagram wall is filled with the #10YearsChallenge posts, at the same time, you might also see a minority posting about the "dangers" of jumping on the bandwagon.

It was started January 11th by meteorologist Damon Lane from KOCO in Oklahoma.

Miami International Airport will reopen shuttered terminal Monday
Three weeks into the partial U.S. government shutdown , airports and their workers are beginning to feel some serious pain. According to the Washington Post , the passenger cooperated and "was met by Japanese authorities upon landing".

While some trans people posted that they were uncomfortable sharing photos from before their transition, plenty jumped in with gusto. Cracking the code of recognizing how humans age would open up entirely new frontiers in marketing, military and even social research.

What is the 10-year challenge?

Basically this means that the more information you feed it, the more it can learn. For its part, Facebook has denied any involvement in the 10 year challenge.

Enter the 10 Year Challenge meme - the flawless source, according to O'Neill, because users have helpfully provided dates and context for the photos to provide a "clean, simple, helpfully labeled set of then-and-now photos". While these images might have annoyed some people, it has gotten others, who believe that these images could be used by social media giants like Facebook for refining their face recognition system, worried.

Despite the company insisting that its users have autonomy, many have not yet forgotten about last year's Cambridge Analytica scandal, when Facebook was scrutinized for allegedly allowing the data mining company to misuse data for 50 million of its users.

The mining of these posts is made a little more hard as some Facebook users have posted photos that aren't them in attempts to be comical.

The 10-year challenge sure looks harmless and fun, but now experts are arguing that it could be a different agenda behind it. The concern isn't so much that Facebook will use the photos, but that others will. He also cautioned against trusting Facebook that the whole meme was merely for fun. Common users and celebrities, everyone is privy of this trend.

The company "doesn't deserve the benefit of the doubt" said Clement.