The shutdown today: Workers to get paid 'in the coming days'

The shutdown today: Workers to get paid 'in the coming days'

The government shutdown prompted animosity between the Trump administration and congressional Democrats, who now control the House of Representatives, with the main sticking point being $5.7 billion USA in funding for a border wall on the USA southern border.

He hinted that he might declare a national emergency to bypass Congress for wall funding or let the government shut down again, should negotiations fail once more.

President Trump says that he has reached a deal to reopen the government for three weeks.

Mulvaney, speaking on "Fox News Sunday" two days after Trump agreed to reopen the federal government despite not receiving any money for his wall, also suggested that Trump, for now, is sticking to his request for $5.7 billion.

Asked if Trump will budge on the $5.7 billion amount for the project, Mulvaney said: "The president's not married to a number, he's married to border security which is the right thing for the President of the United States to do". It is the longest government shutdown in USA history. On Jan. 16, the President signed a bill into law to give furloughed employees the pay they have missed out on during the lapse in appropriations. Trump said he would act to ensure the government workers get their back pay "very quickly, or as soon as possible".

But there is a divide in right-wing media - between disappointed commentators like Dobbs and true believers who are assuring listeners that Trump is going to win funding for a border wall in the end.

But what remained unclear Friday evening is exactly when Federal employees, who have not been paid since the shutdown began, will receive their back pay, and when they will return to work.

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"My guess is that after 35 days of this, the president also thinks shutdowns are not such great politics and bad government", Blunt said.

The president has the opportunity to squash all of the asinine arguments made against basic border security - and this is exactly what the Democrats are scared of.

Standing alone in the Rose Garden, Trump said he would sign legislation funding shuttered agencies until February 15 and try again to persuade lawmakers to finance his long-sought wall.

"As federal employees return to work on Monday after a bruising 35 day absence, Democrat and Republican leaders are to form a bipartisan 'conference committee" to start the hard process of finding common ground before the February 15 deadline.

A brief halt on landings at LaGuardia due to a lack of air traffic controllers and cascading flight delays across the East Coast may have driven Trump to fold on the shutdown. "[Congress] said they are for complete border security, and they have finally and fully acknowledged that having barriers, fencing or walls - or whatever you want to call it - will be an important part of the solution". "It's a national emergency", he said.

The shutdown battle left scars on Trump.

"Hopefully now the president has learned his lesson", Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer said in a press conference with Pelosi. She is referring to the recently debated State of the Union address - a speech which both President Trump and Speaker Pelosi are simply kicking down the road.