VIP Demo preload for PS4, Xbox, PC available ahead of release

VIP Demo preload for PS4, Xbox, PC available ahead of release

There's one month left until BioWare's latest project "Anthem" is set to launch, and general manager Casey Hudson has taken to the studio's official blog to discuss its debut.

If you do miss out on this session, don't worry, though, as there's an open demo available to everyone the following weekend.

Luckily, they did just that and the overall attitude towards Anthem has shifted dramatically in a positive way and the team couldn't be more excited to share their progress with all.

"We knew there would be challenges", said Hudson. "The result is an intentionally unique structure which is fundamental to Anthem's design and even the universe it's set in".

Here are the system requirements for the Anthem demo on PC.

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If you play the VIP pre-launch demo and want to play again in the next pre-launch demo, there's no need to uninstall and reinstall Anthem. Today, preloading for the demo went live, so regardless of which tier you are, you can go ahead and get that Anthem data on your hard drive.

"You must pre-order Anthem, be an EA Access subscriber, or be an Origin Access subscriber at the time of the VIP Demo to participate". The demo is downloaded via the Origin, PlayStation, or Xbox store depending on whichever platform you're playing it on. The "Anthem" worldwide launch date is February 22. VIP players can invite three pals to play the early demo with them.

Anthem, the new online multiplayer action role-playing shooter from EA and Bioware is so close to release. If done through a retailer, make sure to have the physical code at the ready.

The Anthem pre-launch demos are online only, you must have an internet connection to play.