Bulgarian Foreign Ministry: Juan Guaidó is interim President of Venezuela

Bulgarian Foreign Ministry: Juan Guaidó is interim President of Venezuela

The Venezuelan military has attempted to block humanitarian aid from entering the country by barricading a bridge at a key border crossing, Colombian officials said Wednesday.

In a February 5 letter distributed by League leader and deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini's office on Wednesday, Guaido asks if he can send a delegation "to illustrate the plan of action to renew democracy in Venezuela" through fair elections.

Hundreds of protesters marched down two main Buenos Aires avenues to the US embassy on Tuesday in a show of support for embattled Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and to oppose USA involvement in that country.

The bridge was blocked a day prior by the Venezuelan National Guard with a fuel tanker, two cargo trailers and makeshift fencing near the border town of Cucuta in Colombia. "Venezuela doesn't have to beg to anyone", he said.

Russia, China and Turkey still back socialist Mr Maduro and have accused Western nations of meddling in Venezuela's internal affairs.

U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton said Tuesday that he met with Brazilian Foreign Minister Ernesto Araujo at the White House to discuss the best ways both countries can support Guaido.

Critics have called last year's disputed presidential vote in which Maduro won re-election a sham, and the mainstream opposition boycotted it.

Canada and the Lima Group are backing Juan Guaido, the opposition leader who's the head of Venezuela's legislature, as Maduro's replacement.

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Franklin Graham, chief executive of relief group Samaritan's Purse and the son of renowned Christian evangelist Billy Graham, said until humanitarian groups had access inside Venezuela, most aid likely would remain outside.

Under Maduro's stewardship, oil-dependent Venezuela has plunged into an economic crisis, suffering from hyperinflation and shortages of food and medicine. "We want to see free and fair elections for the people to make a democratic decision in Venezuela".

The United States could attempt to seek the approval of the United Nations Security Council to deliver aid without Maduro's cooperation, but Russian Federation could block such a move.

Peering through cracks in a sheet metal fence to an area where USA humanitarian aid is due to be stockpiled in Cucuta, Venezuelan Yesica Leonett pleaded for information on how her four children can benefit from the donations.

Maduro's government, overseeing an economic collapse that has prompted 3 million Venezuelans to flee the country, lashed out at the European Union nations, saying their move would affect relations with Caracas.

But aside from one senior general, who recognized Guaido in a video and called on other members of the military to do the same, most of Venezuela's top military officers have not defected from Maduro.

He has accused the USA of orchestrating a coup against his government and said he is open to dialogue with the opposition.