Trump slams United States intelligence chiefs as 'passive and naive' on Iran

Trump slams United States intelligence chiefs as 'passive and naive' on Iran

Mr. Trump and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker promoted the facility as evidence that they were helping bring back manufacturing to middle America and the U.S. He contended Iran was still testing "Rockets" and, added, "Be careful of Iran".

Top US intelligence officials warned the congressional panel that China and Russian Federation rank highest in their concern because of the nations' "growing capability to shape and alter the information system" of America.

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"They are wrong!" Trump, whose has criticized US intelligence agencies starting even before he took office, said in a Twitter post.

Coats pointed out that Kim Jong-un's pledge in Singapore to pursue the "complete denuclearization of the Korean peninsula" - which Trump and Pompeo portrayed as a historic breakthrough - was no more than "a formulation linked to past demands that include an end to U.S. military deployments and exercises involving advanced U.S. capabilities".

The jihadist group, which Coats acknowledged had been reduced to "a couple of little villages left", in Iraq and Syria, will exploit any reduction in pressure from global coalition forces to rebuild its capacities for mounting attacks and for media promotion, USA intelligence chiefs believe.

The US spy chiefs said Islamic State would continue to pursue attacks from Syria and Iraq against regional and Western adversaries, including the United States.

According to Schumer, it is crucial for the USA that the intelligence community and the American president speak with a "unified voice".

"People risk their lives for the intelligence he just tosses aside on Twitter", Sen.

Mueller evidence used in disinformation campaign
The tweet was posted in October past year by the account @HackingRedstone, according to the filing. That reporter then purportedly alerted the special counsel's office to the breach.

The CNN report was based on "two people with knowledge" of Trump's outburst against Coats.

Said Schiff: "It is a credit to our intelligence agencies that they continue to provide rigorous and realistic analyses of the threats we face. I think what is happening is the president is speaking to his base in which there is no objective reality except what President Trump says and also hoping to move on because, of course, this is not comfortable for Republicans in Congress to be asked the question, you know, who do you believe?"

Predicting a continuation - and potentially an escalation - of interference in US elections, he said "our adversaries and strategic competitors probably are already looking to the 2020 USA elections as an opportunity to advance their interests".

At a hearing Tuesday, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats said intelligence information does not support the idea that NKorean leader Kim Jong Un will eliminate his nuclear weapons.

"The relations between Moscow and Beijing closer than in the past decades", said Coats.

The hearing took place weeks after Trump cited a victory over Islamic State to justify his sudden announcement of an immediate pullout from Syria, a move that alarmed the USA defense establishment and allies in the Middle East. Prominent members of his own party have denounced what Sen. The relationship between the United States and North Korea was as good as ever, he tweeted.

It was not the first time the president has split with senior intelligence officials on national security assessments.

Sources said Trump's comments this week don't carry the same weight as those he made the day before he took the oath of office comparing the intelligence community to Nazi Germany, which were more demoralizing.

President Trump has focussed his return fire on his intelligence chief for now.