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Beto O'Rourke, CC '95, announces 2020 presidential bid

Beto O'Rourke, CC '95, announces 2020 presidential bid

But as late-night host Jimmy Fallon admitted that night, he had a hard time focusing on O'Rourke's earnest rhetoric as the 46-year-old began his first day of presidential campaigning. In tiny Burlington, in southeast Iowa, he scaled a counter to be heard during an afternoon stop at a coffee shop.

On Thursday, Twitter was flooded with clips from users eager to remind the president that he and O'Rourke aren't all that different when it comes to public speaking habits.

On health care, O'Rourke once again called for universal coverage but wasn't married to "Medicare-for-all", which many of his rivals for the nomination support.

"I think the voters will decide", said Sen.

Co-host Gayle King asked O'Rourke if he still believes President Trump should be impeached.

Since O'Rourke ended the practice when he was 18, the statute of limitations would've run out for him a long time ago. I've never seen so much hand movement. The Democratic field is so diverse, the ticket will likely have a man and a woman.

Senate Republicans push plan to maintain national emergency at border
It would apply to future emergencies, but not Trump's current border emergency unless he seeks to renew it next year. Thom Tillis of North Carolina, Susan Collins of Maine, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Kentucky's Rand Paul.

On Thursday, the former congressman who lost to Ted Cruz in the Texas Senate race compared the fight against climate change to World War II's D-Day, one of the largest military invasions in history. That may not be enough for Democrats anxious to angrily oppose Trump, however, and some other White House candidates draw shaper contrasts.

The Democrats have a remarkable number of bad presidential candidates, but I think my favorite might be Beto O'Rourke.

The attempts to capitalize on O'Rourke's announcement Thursday aren't unusual for a high-profile electoral race, in which campaigns look to turn blip events into a boost in donations.

The president was not alone in noticing O'Rourke's hands in the video, but his knock on the 2020 hopeful's hands struck many people online as ironic, considering his own hand movements during speeches are well known.

Warren joins California Sen. "He could be a good candidate for Kamala Harris to add to the ticket", Branham said. "I've actually never seen anything quite like it. Study it, I'm sure you'll agree". "That money is just not going to be there", Branham said.

"If you don't end up being the nominee, let's have none of this lingering acrimony after the nominee has been selected", New Jersey Sen.