Canada FM decries China halting canola shipments

Canada FM decries China halting canola shipments

China's move hits a vital crop for western Canada, and comes after canola prices have already been hit by China's retaliatory tariffs on USA agricultural exports.

In his latest statement, Huawei's rotating chairman Guo Ping pointed out that the US Congress hasn't been able to support its decision to ban Huawei products with sufficient shreds of evidence. Australia banned the company from providing technology for its 5G networks a year ago. It said the problem with one company was "particularly serious", but did not name the firm.

Update 1 (9:22PM EST): Huawei is suing the United States governemnt for singling out Huawei and damaging its reputation without providing proof that the company is a threat as the USA congress claims and without allowing Huawei due process to reach a resolution. The US government "has hacked our servers and stolen our e-mails and source code", he said at the news conference.

While Huawei had very little share of the USA market before the bill, it is the world's biggest telecoms gear maker and is seeking to be at the forefront of a global roll-out of fifth generation (5G) mobile networks and services.

Huawei denies this, though, we note it can be compelled by its communist masters to assist China's spies in political and industrial espionage.

The attempting to convince allies in Europe to avoid using Huawei equipment in their 5G wireless networks. The company's 2018 revenue forecast is $100 billion and its founder, Ren Zhengfei, said last month this year's target is $125 billion.

This week the company gave news organisations a tightly guarded tour of its massive production lines and R&D facilities in southern Guangdong province.

Among the enforcement actions being targeted were efforts by China to gain access to proprietary USA technology and trade secrets, through techniques such as computer hacking or theft by insiders.

Trump fetes North Dakota State with fast food
The grub came from Chick-fil-A, McDonald's and Domino's, and team members were lauded by the president before they dug in. As noted by the Washington Post , despite all of the fast food offerings, the team did go on to have lunch at the Capitol.

The case is Huawei Technologies v. U.S., 4:19-cv-00159, U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Texas (Sherman).

The detention of the two Canadians, who have been held in secret locations and harsh conditions since December, has widely been seen by diplomats in Beijing and in Ottawa and Washington as leverage used by China against the Canadian government to free Meng.

Some European officials and others cite a Chinese security law requiring companies to cooperate with intelligence agencies.

The group's United Kingdom chief technology officer Scott Petty said on Thursday that Huawei radio equipment was used in almost a third of the company's 18,000 United Kingdom base stations - a part of the network it gauged to be very low risk.

"But if this went beyond express stipulations of the law, we would reject such a request, ' Song said, adding that installing backdoors would be commercial 'suicide" if such things were revealed.

Tension stems from the Trump administration's public concerns about the 5G security in Huawei products. "We look forward to the court's verdict".

Western governments have likened China's detention of the Canadians to hostage-taking, but their criticism has been undermined by statements by President Trump suggesting he could use the various criminal cases against Huawei as a bargaining chip to resolve unrelated trade disputes.

'Is it afraid that other countries may catch up to and overtake its use of advanced 5G technologies?' Guo asked.