Ethiopian Airlines crash analysis begins in France

Ethiopian Airlines crash analysis begins in France

All 157 people aboard Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 died early Sunday shortly after the plane took off.

Ethiopian Airlines was not immediately available for comment.

Here are five things to follow as the investigation continues.

Aviation experts in France have started analyzing data and voice recorders from an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 8 that crashed on Sunday near the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, just minutes after takeoff.

In a preliminary investigation, the crash of a Lion Air Max 8 plane into the Java Sea last October has been attributed to a faulty sensor. Investigators examining that crash are looking at whether software created to prevent a stall might have automatically pushed the plane's nose down repeatedly. Blue plastic sheeting covered the wreckage of the plane. All insisted upon anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the press. The MAX aircraft have been grounded worldwide. It pointed to possible similarities to the Lion Air crash. By 8:44 AM the plane crashed in a field outside of Bishoftu, Ethiopia.

Russian Federation is not the only country in the region to temporarily suspend the operation of the Boeing 737 MAX.

That would be quicker than expected. A link between the two accidents makes blame more likely to lie with Boeing and less likely with the airline. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because Boeing's conversations with airline officials were not meant to be made public.

Canada's biggest carrier Air Canada suspended its 2019 financial forecasts, while United Airlines, the No. 3 USA carrier, said it would see an adverse effect on its operations if the jets remained grounded heading into the peak summer travel season.

Boeing said on Monday it has been working closely with the US Federal Aviation Administration on development, planning and certification of the software upgrade, and it will be deployed across the 737 MAX fleet in the coming weeks.

Both planes flew with erratic altitude changes that could indicate the pilots struggled to control the aircraft.

Boeing aimed to finish the work in April.

"S7 Airlines decides to ground its Boeing 737 MAX aircraft effective March 13th, 00:01 GMT+3 until more detailed information is received on Ethiopian Airlines flight ET302 crash". The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board sent three investigators to help French authorities. The fix will only take about two hours to install, the source said.

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Engineers had to find out what the system was doing on the Lion Air flight, how the system's commands appeared to pilots, what changes needed to be made to software, manuals and training, and the best way to make those changes. And they had to be sure that the modifications didn't affect other flying characteristics of the plane.

Montreal-based Air Canada has said it operated seventy-five 737 MAX flights daily out of a total schedule of approximately 1,600 flights system-wide. "I think they are being very methodical".

Boeing shares fell 6.15 percent on Tuesday following the sharp losses in the previous session, booking a two-day decline of 11.15 percent.

According to Boeing, the software being implemented includes updates to the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System, the automated system created to keep the plane from stalling.

United States bank Citi said it expected the grounding to eat into the profits of Southwest Airlines, which operates the world›s biggest 737 MAX fleet, leaving the carrier facing a plane shortage and likely passenger compensation costs.

"That is way too fast", the source said. Those numbers depend on how long the planes end up parked.

The 737, which first entered service in the late 1960s, is the aviation industry's best-selling model and Boeing's top earner.

There are about 370 Max jets now parked at airlines around the world, including 72 in the United States.

In the U.S., Southwest is likely to be most affected because its 34 Max 8s represent almost 5 per cent of the carrier's fleet and a slightly higher percentage of the airline's passenger-carrying capacity.

Dallas-based Southwest also canceled five flights at Orlando International Airport on Friday, Fennell said, although she was unsure how many were affected by the grounding.

Air Canada and United Airlines on Friday became the first major carriers in North America to warn of negative financial implications to business as a effect of the grounding of the Boeing planes. All 189 people onboard were killed.