Former Michigan State Players Stand Up For Tom Izzo

Former Michigan State Players Stand Up For Tom Izzo

We'll be tackling Michigan, Michigan State and Big Ten basketball at large with a blend of rational analysis and hot takes.

Despite his fury, Michigan State did advance to the second round of the tournament and will face the 10th-seeded Minnesota on Sunday AEDT.

And in the midst of that game, a rather weird incident happened between Spartans coach Tom Izzo and freshman Aaron Henry.

"If it's "my bad" because I chose to jog back instead of sprint back, then it is your bad and you're going to hear about it".

Basketball Hall of Famer and CBS commentator Charles Barkley went Beast Mode on sports journalists who wet their trousers about Michigan State coach Tom Izzo yelling at one of his players. "It's all right for a coach to yell at a player".

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During a timeout, Izzo met Henry at half court and began jawing at him.

"Aaron Henry, trust me, did some things that you can't do as a starter on a top-five team at the end of your freshman year", he said. While the Tigers were a couple free throws away from being sent home by New Mexico State, the Jayhawks showed they were again tournament-ready in demolishing Northeastern by 34. "I've got it worse in practice before". And even within that, I had a moment on the sideline of a game one time. That's why they build pros, that's why they get to the Final Four, that's what you sign up for, and Coach Izzo is direct and honest. "I'm disappointed you can't coach a guy hard these days without somebody making a big deal about it". Only two coaches - Kentucky's John Calipari ($9.2 million) and Duke's Mike Krzyzewski ($7 million) - will more than Izzo this year. "Just responding to it is accepting the coaching and not having a pity-party for yourself and just being a basketball player and go respond".

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Minnesota comes into Saturday's game playing some of its best ball. The Spartans will take on Minnesota on Saturday.