Fortnite season 8 Battle Pass skins and unlocks detailed

Fortnite season 8 Battle Pass skins and unlocks detailed

PC players, Xbox One owners, and PS4 players have all mentioned that the issue has affected them. With Season 8, Dozens of new rewards are just waiting to be grabbed, and the fastest way to get them all (besides emptying your wallet) is to hammer out some weekly challenges. Because of the lava.

New cracks have been appearing and will no doubt help bring about the epic changes coming to the game for Season 8. It's also reasonable to assume that the skin will have a pirate theme, but until we get at least a few more weeks into Season 8 we won't know any more.

There are Volcano Vents dotted around the map which launches your player up into the air.

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You can find the official Fortnite Season 8 map that at first had Risky Reels marked and the actual graphic for this new period of content with all of its changes below. As their name suggests, you will only find these volcano vents in the new jungle biome.

The new contender's rapid growth saw it accumulate 25 million players within its first week, as compared to the "Fortnite" tally of 200 million at the start of the year. This means we have new areas in the map to explore, new challenges to complete and an entire Battle Pass worth of loot to aim for. Some even tried new controllers to see if that was the problem but, alas, it wasn't. These can fire cannon balls as you'd expect, but you can also shoot other players across the map as risky projectiles capable of wrecking anyone's carefully built fort. Of the seven challenges that are available this week, three of them are available to everyone regardless of whether or not you have the Battle Pass.