Google Stadia chief claims you'll need a 30Mbps connection to play

Google Stadia chief claims you'll need a 30Mbps connection to play

At the heart of Stadia is a cloud-based gaming system created to eliminate the need for a game console. Phil Harrison, a former Sony and Xbox executive, spoke about the platform in San Francisco during the Game Developers Conference. It will allow players to stream their games onto almost any screen, ranging from phones and tablets to tvs and laptops.

Google Stadia will have first-party exclusives, and it's safe to assume Project xCloud will as well, especially since Microsoft is already offering its first-party titles for free through Game Pass. YouTube, also owned by Google, is full of gaming content: its gaming director, Ryan Watt, claims that "gaming has always been the backbone of YouTube since the platform was first founded".

Walmart is reportedly looking into a potential game streaming service. If it's keen on making games instantly available to a large number of players at any given time, it'll need to have far more locations across the regions it hopes to serve.

How would your connection fair when trying to play over Stadia?

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The controller also includes a button for Google Assistant, so players can look up walkthroughs or hints without disturbing their gameplay. However, the game which will support up to 4K resolution, HDR and 60 fps gameplay does not have a confirmed launch date yet.

Google also has something exclusively for the developers; introducing an fantastic way of applying company/individual own design style to different titles on Stadia. Google will use AMD GPU and CPU to render games in a remote location, which will be streamed like a YouTube video. The feature could provide a new, more direct way for YouTubers like MatPat, who participated in the presentation, to connect with fans and for game developers to sell games. Share your views in the comments and keep reading Fossbytes.

The Stadia release date is still not clear. But even if Walmart is working on this, it may well be a while before it launches its service.

The "Konami Code" is hidden in plain sight on the back of Google's new Stadia controller.