Man and dog snowbound in Oregon survive on taco sauce

Man and dog snowbound in Oregon survive on taco sauce

On Friday, a snowmobile rider contacted Deschutes County 911 that Taylor had been located on Forest Service Road 40 near Wake Butte, west of Sunriver.

An Oregon man and his dog became trapped on a forest service road when his vehicle got stuck in the snow.

Giving new details on the case in a post over the weekend, police said Mr Taylor told them he had slept overnight in his vehicle on Sunday but even more snow fell on the following day.

He and Ally attempted to walk away but the deep snow made it too hard, so they returned to their vehicle.

Miraculously, he survived for five days - on a diet of taco sauce packets - before rescuers found him, reports the local sheriff's office.

The two were found in good condition but hungry, the sheriff's office says, after a search and rescue team member used a snowcat to reach them.

Mr Taylor and his dog were found after five days.

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A man and his best friend trapped for five days in a auto following a blizzard survived because he had not thrown away his fast-food sauce packets.

On Sunday, February 24, outdoorsman Jeremy Taylor filled up his Toyota 4Runner with gas, and set off into the OR snow. The area has seen heavy snow in the past week, so it was concerning when Taylor and his dog went missing.

Fox29 reported that Taylor elaborated on using the sauce packets to survive while joking on Facebook.

In a later comment replying to a question on his post, Taylor says "Taco Bell fire sauce saves lives!"

In a Facebook post on Saturday, Taylor said, "Thank you everyone, I'm safe my Ally dog is safe. Got lucky - let's never do that again".

The Cascade Range in central OR has been hammered for more than a week by a series of intense snowstorms.