North Korea summit in Hanoi not a failure, Bolton insists

North Korea summit in Hanoi not a failure, Bolton insists

Bolton also said the potential for denuclearization remains with President Trump, previously extending he would like to keep the relationship between the US and North Korea.

Mr Bolton was also asked if he takes North Korean leader Kim Jong Un at his word that he didn't know of Mr Warmbier's suspected torture.

"He went from that isolation -saw no light of day outside of the borders of North Korea- to now this worldwide player, certainly in the region and that gave him stature for him to walk in and do what he did in those hearings", Rogers said.

North Korea should give a full accounting of the circumstances surrounding Otto Warmbier's death, US President Donald Trump's national security adviser John Bolton says. Trump said they could have held it a few days later and had more time to prepare.

Trump and Secretary of State Michael Pompeo said they couldn't accept the proposal from North Korea to shut down the Yongbyon complex in return for complete sanctions relief because the regime still had hidden production facilities and missiles elsewhere that could threaten the U.S. So I think that that's a stretch.

As Trump wrapped up his trip to the summit last week, he complained that Democrats had scheduled the hearing at the same time as his negotiations.

"We will come up with multiple measures to reopen dialogue between USA and North Korea".

"He tells me that he didn't know about it, and I will take him at his word", Trump said at a news conference last week.

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Open Doors USA told Fox News Christian persecution is worsening in North Korea, according to their sources on the ground.

Some have been critical for Trump letting Kim stand with him on the world stage given North Korea's poor human rights record.

Earlier in the interview, Bolton said President Trump "made it very clear" what happened to Warmbier is "an act of brutality that's completely unacceptable to the American side".

Bolton's evocation of progress was dismissed by leading Democrats, however, including House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff, who described the Hanoi meeting as a "spectacular failure".

But Bolton said that Trump's view is that he "gave nothing away".

Washington and Seoul announced on Sunday that they will eliminate massive annual springtime military drills and replace them with smaller exercises, in what they called an effort to support diplomacy with North Korea.

It is not necessarily true that the North Korean summit was a failure, however; for the North Koreans, it appears to have again been a rousing, if inexplicable, success.

In a wide-ranging interview on CBS's Face the Nation, Bolton said that despite the lack of an agreement at the summit, Trump had protected the U.S.' national interests. These projects provided much-needed cash to North Korea before the South shut them down during past periods of tensions.