Paul Manafort sentenced to 43 additional months in prison, live stream

Paul Manafort sentenced to 43 additional months in prison, live stream

The new case adds to the legal trouble for Donald Trump's former campaign chairman, and throws a curveball to growing chatter that the President could pardon him.

At his sentencing hearing, Manafort said he was sorry for what he had done. "I ask you to think of this and our need for each other as you deliberate", Manafort said.

"It's not something that's right now in my mind".

They highlighted his work for a succession of Republican presidents and presidential candidates including Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and Bob Dole and presented him as a victim of vindictive prosecutors desperate to "tighten the screws" on a witness at the apex of Trump's campaign to "flip" and implicate others, attorneys Kevin M. Downing, Thomas E. Zehnle and Richard W. Westling wrote.

Federal prosecutor Andrew Weissmann told Judge Jackson, "Mr. Manafort committed crimes that undermined our political process".

Manafort pleaded guilty September 14 in the Washington case to a wide-ranging conspiracy involving obstruction of justice, money laundering, secret overseas bank accounts and false statements to the Justice Department.

The Mueller team has prosecuted Manafort in both Washington and Virginia related to his foreign consulting work on behalf of a pro-Russia Ukrainian political party. Prosecutors said during his case that Manafort shared campaign polling data with Konstantin Kilimnik, a Manafort business associate identified by prosecutors as having ties to Russian intelligence.

An important question for Jackson, she said, was whether Manafort had been an "organizer or leader" of the offenses.

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"It's hard to understand why an attorney would write that", she said. And in the meantime, he remains a key figure in a variety of Trump-related investigations-from Mueller's Russian Federation probe to Southern District of NY probes to inquiries by Democrat-led committees in the House of Representatives (including the House Oversight Committee and the House Intelligence Committee). The 16-count indictment accused Manafort and others of falsifying business records to fraudulently obtain millions of dollars in mortgages.

"No one is beyond the law in NY", said District Attorney Cyrus Vance in NY, according to a statement. The only reason for the case was Manafort's tenure as chairman of Trump's successful campaign in 2016.

Both cases stem from an inquiry into alleged Russian election meddling in the 2016 U.S. elections.

Paul Manafort learned his fate in a Washington, D.C. federal courtroom on Wednesday, as he showed up for sentencing in the case where he had pleaded guilty to conspiracy in connection with money laundering allegations.

"Let me be very clear: I have accepted responsibility for these acts that have gotten me here today", Manafort said, reading from a statement. "For that, I am remorseful".

"She needs me and I need her", Manafort told Jackson.

She added 43 months to the 47 months he already received, making the total 90 months.

FILE PHOTO: Former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort arrives for arraignment on a third superseding indictment against him by Special Counsel Robert Mueller on charges of witness tampering, at U.S. District Court in Washington, June 15, 2018. A number of people wrote letters to Jackson supporting Manafort including his wife, one of his daughters and his brother.