Respawn assures disappointed players that the Apex Legends battle pass will evolve

Respawn assures disappointed players that the Apex Legends battle pass will evolve

Last month, Respawn Entertainment - now owned by EA - launched a battle royale experience called Apex Legends. With it will come the game's first ever Battle Pass. The price now stands at 950 Apex Coins (at current conversion from U.S. dollars, that's R144.00) for the Battle Pass, or if you're a more dedicated fan and willing to shell out a little more, 2800 Apex Coins (which, joining the available bundles will cost you R405.00) for the Battle Pass Bundle, which unlocks your next 25 levels of season 1 instantly. Nearly every battle royale on the market has a solo and duo mode available, as well as a group mode option. Players will also receive three Wild Frontier-themed Legend skins immediately when they purchase the pass: these are the Lifeline Revolutionary, Wraith Survivor and the Mirage Outlaw skins.

I can understand not wanting to overload a new player base with highly specific battle pass challenges, but the bigger issue here seems to be the rewards attached to the pass.

The Apex Legends Battle Pass is about to go live, as Season 1 launches on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

If you play on multiple platforms, however, you'll need to buy a Battle Pass for each version as cross-play isn't supported at present.

The Battle Pass itself can also be picked up in-game.

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Exclusive badges, Battle Pass boosts and more! You can see the full list of unlockable goodies on the Battle Pass page here, and there's a handful of rewards that anyone (whether you get the pass or not) can earn this season.

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Clearly influenced by Fortnite, the Battle Pass is made up of 100 tiers. His Adrenaline Junkie ability lets him trade health for speed, while an endless supply of Stim health regeneration keeps him action-ready.

What happens if I buy my Battle Pass late in the season?

Yes! Everyone can earn the free rewards during Season 1. "Playing as squads of three is the only option available right now, but Respawn's communication system combined with the limited number of Legends available now means three players per team is plenty".